A Message from the Administrator
Hey everybody!

It's been a bad couple of weeks for the economy, but we're still chugging along with our plans for the site. Most of the major and minor mechanical design profiles have been completed and will be available in preliminary form on the new message boards (once those are up) prior to the completion of the site's main CSS templates, when the main site will come online and offer what may very well be the single largest and most complete resource on Macross II in the world.

Since I promised regular status reports, here's the lowdown on exactly where we are on the site.

During our development of the main site, we decided we're going to try building the reference guide in PHP for easy updating, and possibly a uniform content management system exploiting the login system used on our message boards, so we're making modifications to the message board software to accommodate this new system. The new, final message board system will be up and running in test mode on 18 July 2009. Our testers will help us perform the final system adjustments, and the board should open to the public either late that evening or on 20 July 2009 at the absolute latest. The base style is going to be essentially the same as the customized one the test boards used, so you shouldn't have any problems finding things.

Features of the new message boards will include a modified navigation system, enhanced private messaging, a "warning" system for moderator use, enhanced anti-spam capabilities, support for both gallery avatars (coming soon) and user-uploaded avatars (128x128 or less dimensions and 200kB or less in size), unlimited image upload space, and support for multiple languages (which we're still working on).