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  • 21st Large-Scale Super-Long-Distance Colonization Fleet (Macross Galaxy Fleet)
    • A colonization fleet en route to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Macross Galaxy uses chemical plants, does not have Zentradi residents and is known for utilizing many new technologies which evolved as the fleet journeyed. These technologies manifested as advanced cybernetics and more than a few citizens of the Macross Galaxy fleet have cybernetic implants. The Macross Galaxy is also well known as the home of popular idol singer Sheryl Nome. In 2059, the Macross Galaxy fleet suffered a large-scale attack by a race known as the Vajra, just shortly after the Macross Frontier fleet was also attacked by the Vajra.
  • 25th Large-Scale Super-Long-Distance Colonization Fleet (Macross Frontier Fleet)
    • Designation for a colonization fleet lead by the 25th New Macross Class vessel, the Macross 25/Macross Frontier. Commanded by Captain Wilen, the 25th is a larger colonization fleet and home to the New United Nations Government administration lead by New UNG President Howard Glass. In March of 2059, the Macross Frontier fleet came under attack by the Vajra which began a large scale war involving New UNG colony worlds like Gallia IV and other New UNG fleets like the Macross Galaxy fleet.
  • 33rd Marine Battalion
    • The name for a New UN Forces, all-Zentradi marine battalion stationed at a base upon the planet Gallia IV. Commanded by Major Ogotai, this entire battalion along with the base and Gallia IV were destroyed by a Dimension Eater unleashed upon the surface of the planet by Grace O'Connor, a saboteur for the Macross Galaxy Fleet with the cover of a manager for pop idol Sheryl Nome.
  • 37th Long-Distance Colony Fleet (Macross 7 Fleet)
    • Designation for a colonization fleet lead by the 7th New Macross Class vessel, the Macross 7. Commanded by Captain Maximillian Jenius, the 37th was the second UN Spacy fleet to encounter the hostile Varauta, later known as the Protodeviln. This encounter in March 2045 marked the beginning of The Protodeviln War which ended just less than a year later in February 2046. The 37th long-distance colonization fleet consisted of 1 x Battle 7/City 7 (Macross 7), 1 x Einstein Research Experimental Ship, 1 x Hollywood Amusement Ship, 1 x Riviera Resort Ship, 1 x Sunnyflower Agricultural Ship, 1 x Three Star Factory Ship, 1 x West Point Class Macro-Training Base Ship, one or more Mark Twain VII Resort Ships, 45 x Guantánamo Class Stealth Carriers (for use in space), 20 x Uraga Class Escort Battle Carriers (for use in air and space) and lastly 120 x Northampton Class Stealth Frigates (for use in air and space). The ship-carried aircraft/spacecraft for the entire fleet consisted of approximately 1,800 x variable fighters (mostly VF-11C Thunderbolts), 600 x variable attack craft, 9 x variable bombers, 120 x electronic reconnaisance fighters, 60 x cargo plane/freight transports and 100 x liason craft. Total fleet count is 194 large ships and 2,689 small craft (Macross Chronicle 2E Worldguide 15A).
  • 67th Glruimual class branch Britai (Adoclass) Fleet
    • Designation for a Zentradi fleet commanded by Britai of the Zentradi Army. While Britai ordinarily commanded only a portion of this fleet, he was given command of some 1,200 Zentradi warships constituting the totality of the fleet just prior to the end of Space War I.
  • 77th Air Wing
    • A New United Nations Spacy military unit operating variable fighters in the Brisingr Globular Cluster in the year 2060. One of the most infamous people to serve in the 77th Air Wing was Major Wright Immelmann, the father of Hayate Immelmann, who would eventually become a pilot for the Chaos conglomerate. During the Windermere War of Independence in 2060, Wright Immelmann dropped a dimensional bomb upon the planet that wiped out the New United Nations Spacy forces stationed there and also killed numerous civilians. Immelmann was killed when his VF-22 Sturmvogel II variable fighter crashed following the bombing. Immelmann's body and the VF-22 wreckage were recovered by Windermerean forces shortly thereafter. The New United Nations Spacy kept the incident a secret in the years that followed due to their non-compliance to treaties prohibiting the use and transport of dimensional weapons. In the second Windermerean War of Independence, a recorder device is found in the VF-22 belonging to Wright Immelmann that reveals he was a spy and that Immelmann had deviated from his mission to drop a dimensional bomb on Windermere's Protoculture Ruins and instead intended to drop it where casualties would be kept to a minimum. Ultimately the N.U.N.S. realized what Immelmann was doing and at some point achieved remote control of the VF-22, leading to an imperfect bombing run.
  • 109th Branch Fleet's 7th Aerial Armored Division
    • Designation for a Zentradi Division brought into the early stage of Space War I to fight the UN Spacy. The fleet was commanded by Quamzin / Kamjin Kravshera, an aggressively unhinged Zentradi warrior whose reputation garnered him the title "Ally Killer" for his tendency to conduct wildly hazardous operations to destroy the enemy that resulted in significant friendly fire casualties.
  • 117th Research Fleet
    • The 117th Research Fleet in service some 11 years prior to 2059 (circa 2048) that met with an unfortunate accident. Publically described as a fold error that resulted in the death of over 1,000 people, this cover story masks an incident which in reality was the first attack by the Vajra. Ranka Lee was believed to be the only survivor of the attack that killed her mother, father and brother, though she suffers trauma that prevents her from remembering. The flagship SDFN-4 Global attached to the 117th fleet was discovered abandonded on Gallia IV in 2059 just prior to the destruction of that world.
  • 118th Bodol Zer Main Fleet (Golg Main Fleet)
    • The 118th Bodol Zer Main Fleet was the Zentradi Army's primary fighting force that participated in Space War I. For the majority of Space War I, only much smaller elements of this fleet actually participated in hostilities against the UN Spacy, such as 67th Glruimual class branch Britai (Adoclass) Fleet commanded by Britai and the 109th Branch Fleet's 7th Aerial Armored Division commanded by Kamjin. However, at the final battle of Space War I all 7,500,000,000 personnel (approximately) and 4,795,122 warships of the 118th Bodol Zer Main Fleet folded into the Sol Solar System. The combined barrage of all the Zentradi warships of this fleet annihilated the surface of planet Earth almost instantly and then proceeded to destroy the remains of the UN Spacy fleet and allies in the Adoclass fleet. However, with surprise on their side, the UN Spacy transmitted the singing of pop idol Minmay to the Bodol Zer Main fleet and the resulting culture shock stunned most of the culture-less Zentradi long enough for the allied fleet to fight their way to Gorg Bodolzaa's Fulbtzs Berrentzs Class Fleet Flagship and destroy it (along with help from the Grand Cannon on Earth, that annihilated almost one-fifth of the Bodol Zer Main fleet). With a significant portion of the 118th fleet destroyed (approximately 3 million Zentradi ships remained at the battle's end), a larger portion culture shocked and their fleet command flagship destroyed, the remaining Zentradi forces fled the Sol System, ending Space War I.

  • Active Stealth
    • A type of stealth technology that directly interacts with the electromagnetic radiation of radar/cross-dimensional radar to avoid detection. Active stealth systems can be built on any type of variable fighter and do not require the variable fighter to be shaped in any specific manner like passive stealth. The first variable fighters featuring an active stealth system were the VF-0 and SV-51 deployed in 2008.
  • Aerial Knights
    • The name for the variable fighter armed forces of the Kingdom of Wind on the planet Windermere IV and commanded by their leader, Roid Brehm. The Aerial Knights use the state-of-the-art stealth attack aircraft "Sv-262 Draken III". The White Knight Platoon - made up of a formation of six variable craft - is lead by Keith Aero Windermere, one of King's Guard.
  • AFOS
    • Codename designated for an extraterrestrial entity found near Mayan Island in 2008 by a deep-sea marine probe group. The AFOS was detected after PCS readings similar to those of the ASS-1 were observed using the Cyclops Radar system. Analysis of the AFOS indicated it was several tens of thousands of years old. The existence of the AFOS was classified a B-1 confidential matter. The Macross Chronicle has named the events of Macross Zero the "Bird Human Incident", which refers to the AFOS. (Macross Chronicle 2E ZERO Mechanic Sheet UN 03A and History Sheets 02A and 02B).
  • AHEAD (Advanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction)
    • A specialized type of projectile available as an ordnance option for the VF-0 Phoenix GPU-9 35mm gun pod (circa 2008). The AHEAD projectile is a shell containing 152 heavy sub-projectiles (typically composed of tungsten or other dense material) and built with an electronic fuse. Based on a timer at the point of firing the AHEAD shell will release the sub-projectiles at a predetermined distance from the target. The sub-projectiles form a cloud of kinetic penetrators that greatly increase the odds of striking the target with multiple projectiles. The sub-projectile clouds are also an effective method for intercepting incoming missiles by either inflicting enough damage to prevent the incoming missile from striking its target or by outright destruction of the incoming missile.
  • Al Shahal
    • A planet in the Brisingr Globular Cluster and only 30 light years away from the planet Ragna. Al Shahal appears as a desert world and its capital is Shahal City.
  • Anima Spiritia
    • Name given to people of the Protoculture who possess influential powers over the Protodeviln. These Anima Spiritia become very significant in the war against the invading Protodeviln and eventually help defeat the Supervision Army, completely sealing the Protodeviln faction in special chambers. One such prison was created hundreds of thousands of years ago on an "ice planet" within what became known as the Varauta system in 2025.
  • Antares Squadron
    • Designation for a variable fighter squadron attached to the 52nd Galaxy combat air unit (Antares Unit), Macross Galaxy Fleet. Major Brera Sterne commanded the Antares Squadron in 2059, composed of VF-27 Lucifer variable fighters.
  • Anti-Armor Bayonet
    • An auxiliary weapon found on the early space models of the VF-11B Super Thunderbolt (circa 2040). The bayonet is a large retractable blade attached under the barrel of the standard 30mm gun pod and is designed as an anti-armor weapon for close combat.
  • Anti-Laser Coating
    • A defense countermeasure that is a feature on the YF-19 variable fighter built for the Project Super Nova AVF. There is no official information describing this technology beyond the obvious function as a counter against laser beam weaponry implied by the name. This technology was noted by test pilot Isamu Dyson while he was studying the technical specifications for the YF-19 prototype variable fighter (see also Anti-Optical Weapon Vaporization Armor).
  • Anti-Optical Weapon Vaporization Armor
    • A defensive countermeasure added to the passive stealth coating material spread upon the airframe surface of a variable fighter. The anti-optical weapon coating vaporizes instantly when exposed to high amounts of energy, which in turn diffuses incoming laser/beam weapon strikes upon the armor. A beam machine gun-grade weapon would have about 30% of its output dampened by anti-optical weapon armor (Macross Chronicle 2E Technology Sheet 01E Variable Fighter: Defenses). The VF-171EX Nightmare Plus is described as having a white hull due to the anti-optical weapon vaporization armor coating (Macross Chronicle 2E Frontier Mechanic Sheet NUNS 03A). The VF-25S Messiah has this anti-optical weapon armor featured as standard (Macross Chronicle 2E Frontier Mechanic Sheet SMS 02A). Great Mechanics.DX 9 also mentions the VF-25 Anti-Optical Weapon Vaporization Armor (see also Anti-Laser Coating).
  • Anti-U.N. (Anti-United Nations)
    • A loosely defined group of countries opposed to the United Nations world government. The Anti-UN was largely defeated at the end of the UN Wars in 2007, but some of the affiliated countries still conducted low profile operations against UN Forces up until 2008.
  • Anti-ECA Specification Warhead (Anti-ESA)
    • A specialized type of munition distributed to every squad in the SMS for use in combat against the Vajra. Originally designed for damaging targets protected with ECA (Energy Conversion Armor) the warheads nonetheless proved useful against the Vajra when used together with missiles. However, their effectiveness gradually diminished due to the Vajra's special adaptive battle experience being communicated back to other Vajra.
  • Anti-Vajra War
    • A large-scale conflict known as the "Anti-Vajra War" (Great Mechanics.DX, pg 39) that occurred between the Vajra and the New United Nations Government beginning February 26, 2059. Though at first the conflict appeared to be an unprovoked attack by the Vajra upon the Macross Galaxy and Macross Frontier fleets of the New UN Spacy, it eventually came to light the Vajra were manipulated into aggression by Grace O'Connor and her cohorts in the Macross Galaxy Fleet. The Anti-Vajra War ended on September 2, 2059.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Often referred as the intelligence of machines, the concept of Artificial Intelligence may also imply the sciences and engineering of making intelligent machines. Although the exact date is unknown, a type of artificial intelligence had been discovered sometime prior to 2040 AD. The bio-neural computer chip was the tool that made this form of artificial intelligence possible, but sometime after discovery, the chip was deemed illegal due to certain unknown circumstances. The most infamous event involving artificial intelligence was the Sharon Apple Incident of 2040, in which a bio-neural chip was installed in the computer system controlling virtual popular singing idol Sharon Apple. Unfortunately, the bio-neural chip does not create a stable intelligent machine but rather one that is plagued by an intense self-preservation psychology. The result is a paranoid intelligence dangerous to all others. Despite these problems, artificial intelligence is still rigorously researched and implemented in nearly all aspects of modern life, particularly military applications. Super AI systems are used to help manage the computers of advanced variable fighter craft such as the YF-19 and the most advanced unmanned Ghost Fighters feature true artificial intelligence hardware that is suspended just short of independent function via the Judah system. It is yet unknown whether stable artificial intelligence can be achieved long-term without safeguards.
  • Assault Knife
    • An auxiliary weapon included in the standard armament load for the VF-25 Messiah (circa 2059). The AK/VF-M9 Assault Knife is a 1.65 meter long bladed weapon stored underneath the dorsal rear fuselage (which becomes the left arm shield block in Battroid mode). Much like the anti-armor bayonet of the VF-11 Thunderbolt, the assault knife is designed as an anti-armor weapon for close combat. Built by the Ka-Bar OTEC company, the assault knife is composed of super strong materials which allows the blade - when enhanced by the pin-point barrier system of the VF-25 Messiah - to penetrate the strongest armor.
  • ASS-1
    • Acronym for Alien StarShip-One used to describe the Supervision Army gunboat that crashed upon South Ataria Island on Earth in 1999. It was from the exploration and research of this space vessel that humans discovered the secrets of OverTechnology (this term is a case in which the acronym leads to an unfortunate english translation)

  • Battroid
    • A portmanteau of the words "Battle" and "Android" used to describe the humanoid robot configuration of a variable fighter. Note: Some fans use the term "Battloid", noting that the consonant sounds for the letters "R" and "L" do not exist in the Japanese language. While this is true, ALL official translations of compound words in the Macross fiction that feature "android" as a base word utilize the letter "R". There are no words such as "Destloid" (Destroid), "Virtuloid" (Virturoid), or "Workloid" (Workroid) and fans have never used any of these compound words with the letter "L". There have been some instances of mispelled English translated words in official Macross products, but these instances are far outnumbered by the correct words using the letter "R". Hence, "Battroid" is featured consistently in all editions of the Macross Chronicle, the Macross Compendium and will be used consistently for the Macross Mecha Manual.
  • Bayonet
    • (see "Anti-Armor Bayonet")
  • BDI (Brain Direct Image system)
    • One half of the experimental HMI (human-machine interface) developed for the YF-21 variable fighter built by General Galaxy in 2040. The Brain Direct Image system consisted of a network of cameras built within the YF-21 that would relay visual information directly into the brain of the pilot. The system allowed an unobscured 360 degree view around the entire valkyrie and granted the pilot superior situational awareness.
  • BDS (Brain Direct interface System)
    • The second half of the experimental HMI (human-machine interface) developed for the YF-21 variable fighter built by General Galaxy in 2040. The Brain Direct interface System responded to the brainwaves of the pilot allowing him/her to send control commands to the YF-21 at will. This system improved pilot response time considerably bypassing the delay of nerve impulses and instead responding to the commands of the pilot's brain directly. Unfortunately the BDS system proved unreliable and was never pursued for mass production. However, some advances gained by the BDS technology were eventually refined and integrated into future variable fighter HMI, such as the EX-Gear control system of the VF-25 Messiah and the cybernetic virtual cockpit of the VF-27 Lucifer.
  • Beam Gun/Cannon
    • A generic term used to describe non-laser directed-energy weapons that project some type of particle as opposed to a physical projectile. Beam weapons damage targets via kinetic force and heat and are also versatile weapons operable within an atmosphere, underwater or in space. The most common type of beam weapon is the converging energy beam cannon used as the main gun for many large military space ships (see Super-Dimension-Energy Cannon) or as weapons on variable fighters. The following is a partial list of the many different types of beam weapons:

      Mauler RO-X2A high-powered double-action beam cannon (found on the VF-1S Strike Valkyrie)
      large beam cannons (found on the VF-4 Lightning III)
      Mauler REB-20G converging energy cannons (found on the YF-19)
      small-bore rear anti-aircraft beam gun (found on the VF-19A, VF-19F and VF-19S Excalibur)
      high-powered converging energy cannon (found on the VF-22 Sturmvogel II)
      Mauler RÖV-217C coaxial 12.7mm beam guns or the Mauler RÖV-25 25mm beam machine guns (on the VF-25 Messiah)
      Otto/Sentinel 57mm anti-warship/air beam turrets (on the VF-25S APS-25A/MF25 Armored Messiah)
      BGP-01β 55mm beam gun pod / high-powered beam grenade (on the VF-27 Lucifer)
      Mauler ROV-127E 12.7mm anti-air beam machine gun (on the VF-31 Kairos/Siegfried)
      Howard LU-18A beam gunpod (on the VF-31 Kairos/Siegfried)
      40mm beam cannons (on the VF-31S APS-31/W Armored Siegfried)
      Sentinel ASAWB-M55 105mm twin-linked anti-warship/air beam turret (on the VF-31S APS-31/W Armored Siegfried)

      Beam weapons may also be described as simply "Beam Gun" or other names such as particle cannons and electron beam guns. Zentradi and Meltrandi mobile weapons are notable for extensive ultilization of beam weaponry.
  • bhp
    • Brake horsepower (bhp) is a unit of measurement of power (the rate at which work is done). Specifically, brake horsepower is the measure of an engine's horsepower before the loss in power caused by the gearbox and drive train. The "Brake" refers to the device used to load an engine and hold it at a desired rotational speed. During testing, the output torque and rotational speed are measured to determine the brake horsepower.
  • Bio-Energy Conversion Armor
    • A type of energy conversion armor (ECA) utilized by the alien species known as the Vajra. Bio-energy conversion armor works on a similar principle to ECA used in variable fighters deployed by UN Forces, but directs the vajra bio-energy from fold quartz into the armored carapace of a vajra organism. The heavy soldier vajra bio-energy conversion armor is so powerful it was nearly invulnerable to all but the most potent munitions and heaviest weapons (see also Energy Conversion Armor)
  • Bio-neural Chip
    • An advanced but unstable adaptive matrix that could create an unpredictable artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, the bio-neural chip also produces intense self-preservation psychology and thus creates a potentially hostile artificial intelligence. Ultimately the bio-neural chip was restricted as illegal to manufacture or distribute (see also Artificial Intelligence).
  • Blended Wing Body
    • A type of wing design in which the main body of the aircraft has a flattened shape similar to an airfoil and smoothly integrates with the main wings to form a single blended aerodynamic lifting surface. The VF-5000 Star Mirage is an example of a blended wing body variable fighter. Some advantages of the blended wing body include improved fuel economy in atmospheric flight and improved payload capability/interior space.
  • Block 6 Cockpit
    • The designation for an upgraded cockpit built into the VF-1 Valkyrie variable fighter. The Block 6 system signifcantly simplified the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) for the VF-1 Valkyrie and improved the flight control with a true HOTAS system (Hands-On-Throttle-And-Stick). The Block 6 system introduced the single-panel main display and also improved target tracking/acquisition using an advanced holographic/volumetric imaging system inside the cockpit canopy. Most importantly, the Block 6 cockpit placed the variable fighter transformation control on the left stick, allowing the pilot to change vehicle modes by shifting the throttle laterally. The Block 6 cockpit was so successful that many elements of the control system are still found in the most modern variable fighters.
  • Brisingr Globular Cluster
    • The name of a globular cluster of stars attached to the Milky Way Galaxy. A globular cluster is a spherical collection of stars that orbits a galaxy as a satellite. Globular clusters are very tightly bound by gravity, providing a spherical shape and relatively high stellar density. The name is derived from the Latin "globulus" (a small sphere). Globular clusters are found in the galactic halo, an extended, roughly spherical component of a galaxy which extends beyond the main, visible component. The Brisingr Globular Cluster is notable for containing star systems which include the planets Windermere IV, Airberl, Alfheim, Al Shahal, Anthem III, Ionideth, Listania, Ragna, Randall, and Voldor. The planet Windermere is 800 light years distance from the planet Ragna, both within the Brisinger Globular Cluster. There are 8 billion inhabitants in the Brisingr Globular Cluster.

  • Caliber
    • A term most often used for firearms, caliber refers to the approximate diameter of the projectile measured in metric as both millimeters and centimeters. In the case of beam weapons, the caliber measurement likely (but not certainly) refers to the inside diameter of the energy projecting barrel. The most common calibers referenced are those for the gun pods of the variable fighters. The caliber of a gun pod does not follow a linear progression over time and much like any weapon, a gun pod's caliber may increase or decrease as ballistic technology advances and/or the role of the weapon changes. The following is a partial list of the many different types of gun pod caliber:

      GPU-9 35mm gun pod (for the VF-0 Phoenix)
      Gsh-371 55mm gun pod (for the SV-51)
      GU-11 55mm gun pod (for the VF-1 Valkyrie)
      30mm gun pod (for the VF-11 Thunderbolt)
      MC-17A 40mm gun pod (for the VF-17 Nightmare)
      GA-22 60mm gun pod (for the VA-3 Invader)
      GU-17A 58mm gun pod (for the VF-25 Messiah)
      SSL-9B Dragunov 55mm sniper rifle (for the VF-171 Nightmare Plus and VF-25G Messiah)
      BGP-01β 55mm beam gun pod / high-powered beam grenade (for the VF-27 Lucifer)
      Remington LM-27s 27mm mini gunpod rail guns (for the VF-31 Kairos)

      The calibers are also known for many other famous guns such as the Viggers 40cm rail guns (on the HWR-00 Monster Mk II and VB-6 König Monster) and the massive 178cm rail cannons (on the SDF-1 Macross).
  • Canard
    • The wing configuration of an aircraft in which the horizontal stabilizer (or tailplane) is built to the front of the main wing rather than to the rear. The advantages of a canard configuration can be increased lift and reduction of lift-induced drag while some of the disadvantages can be reduced wing root efficiency and reduced lift efficiency of the main wing. In high-performance military fighters and particularly variable fighters, the aerodynamic instability of the canard is a desirable effect that allows for the design of highly maneuverable aircraft.
  • Chaos (χάος)
    • An interstellar conglomerate headed by the mysterious Lady M with operations based upon the planet Ragna in the Brisingr Globular Cluster. The company began as a fold navigation business, then ventured into fold wave communication and information and has rapidly expanded in the last decade. The company operates Δ (Delta) Squadron, the tactical sound unit "Walküre" of the Information and Entertainment department and their joint mission. The Chaos base of operations is in Barrett City upon the planet Ragna. The Ragna branch is also home to the Macross Elysion, the main space carrier for the Ragna operations. The Chaos company name is written in Greek as χάος upon all their materiel.
  • Cloning
    • The process of creating multiple copies of a defined DNA sequence. Specifically, cloning refers to the Protoculture technology of organism cloning, which deals with creating a new multi-cellular organism, genetically identical to another. Cloning is thus an asexual method of reproduction. The Zentradi and Meltrandi races were both created via cloning and reproduced through those same means, despite possessing the ability to reproduce sexually. Following Space War I, humanity enthusiastically embraced cloning in an effort to repopulate the human race following near extinction of the species in the final days of the war. Much of the newly cloned population also served as citizens aboard colonization fleets. Mass cloning began in May 2010 but was ceased in December of 2030 due to an increase in hereditary childrens disease brought about from the overuse of cloning. It is stated clones of people with essential skills were used aboard emigrant ships prior to the suspension of the UN Government cloning program (primarily Worldguide Sheet 12A "Super Long-Range Emigrant Fleets", but also mentioned in Macross Chronicle 2E Worldguide 15A "Nature Regeneration Project")
      NOTE: Even with the prevalence of cloning by both humans and Zentradi, no identical named characters were featured in any Macross production until Macross Frontier was released in 2008. Major Ogotai, his aid and the Zentradi rebel Temjin appeared to be clones or direct genetic descendants of Britai, Exedol and Kamjin – the Zentradi seen in the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross series. Some fans have speculated these characters in Frontier are direct clones, suggesting that some Zentradi still reproduce via cloning.
  • CIWS (Close-In Weapon System)
    • A point-defense weapon system designed to detect and defeat incoming enemy fire directed at the object or vehicle upon which it is mounted. Conventional CIWS would utilize multiple-barrel rapid-fire medium-caliber guns placed on a rotating gun mount firing projectiles at short-range to destroy incoming guided missiles or enemy aircraft. With the advent of OverTechnology, practical combat starships were constructed and armed with CIWS utilizing beam weapon technology, allowing far superior defenses over much longer ranges typical of most space combat engagements.
  • Close-Range Colonization Fleet
    • Colonization fleets that began launching in April of 2013. As the name suggests, these fleets were designed for close range colonization of other planets, specifically those within 100 light years of Earth. The planet of Eden was one such colony founded by a Close-Range Colonization Fleet and was discovered in November of 2013 some 11.7 light years from the Sol Solar System in the Groombridge 1816 Star System.
  • Chaff/Flare Countermeasures
    • A combination of both aerial radar and aerial infrared countermeasures designed to foil radar-guided/heat-seeking missiles. Chaff is typically released via a specialized dispensor designed to create a cloud of small, thin pieces of aluminium, metallised glass fibre, plastic or other materials. This cloud creates a swarm of secondary targets on any radar screen or masks the area by providing multiple returns detected on radar. Decoy flares are launched to attract the attention of incoming missiles, while the targeted vehicle turns away from the direction of the flares and attempts to produce as little heat from the engines as possible. These systems can help to defeat hybrid missile tracking systems.
  • Colonization Fleet
    • Following the end of Space War I, the new United Nations Government came to terms with the near extinction of the human race and adopted a plan titled the Humanity Seeding Project to help ensure the survival of the species would never again depend upon the fate of a single planet. Hence, the UNG built the colonization fleet to carry humans across the stars and establish new human habitation upon distant worlds. The first of these colonization fleets was the Super Long Range Emigration Fleet Number One, lead by the Megaroad-01 Class colonization ship, which launched on September 2012 carry some 80,000 colonists. Close-Range colonization fleets followed in 2013 (one such fleet discovering and colonizing planet Eden) and in 2030 the enormous New Macross Class Colonization Fleets departed carrying in excess of one million people. As of 2059, the highly decentralized New United Nations Government continues to build colonization fleets and many of the large independant fleets have become nation-states in their own right, such as the 10 million people of the Macross 25/Macross Frontier fleet (designated the Island Cluster Class).
  • Composite Armor
    • A type of vehicle armor composed of layers of different materials such as metal, plastic, ceramics or air. Typically composite armors are lighter than their all-metal equivalents but often require a larger volume for the same level of protection. Composite armors can be designed lighter, stronger and less voluminous than traditional all-metal armor, but the cost is often prohibitively high. The primary purpose of composite armor is to defeat high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) rounds. The VF-0 Phoenix featured armor made of a titanium/carbon composite outer shell. The Destroid Cheyenne II featured GFS-a2 composite armor. The VB-6 König Monster is built with light-composite armor system combined with enhanced energy conversion armor. The SSL-9B Dragunov Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle mounted on the VF-25G Messiah utilizes ultra-hard-metal jacketed ultra-dense alloy bullets that can penetrate 300mm-thick GFS-a2 composite armor. The VF-25 Messiah armored exterior is described as a hypercarbon-carbon composite (Variable Fighter Master File VF-25 Messiah, pg 28).
  • Composite Material Wing
    • Based upon OverTechnology of the Macross, composite materials capable of increasing or decreasing the wing cross section and area compose the wings of the YF-21 prototype variable fighter. When utilized with the BDS brainwave control system, the shape and size of the main wings could be altered instantly for superior control during atmospheric flight. Unfortunately the high cost and difficulty constructing such complex wing structures ensured this technology would never be intended for mass production.
  • Control-Configurable Vehicle
    • Describes those aerospace craft specifically designed such that the distribution of the vehicle mass provides maximum maneuverability.
  • Credits
    • The name of the currency used as a medium of exchange in the economy of the New United Nations Government. The currency was mentioned by name in Macross Frontier The Movie: Itsuwari no Utahime (The False Songstress). The Macross Chronicle Sheet ETC 02A states the Macross Quarter costs 120 million credits to hire for its services. NOTE: The valuation of the fictional credit currency in Macross is most likely based upon the Japanese yen so a Japanese audience can relate. As such, North American fans may not understand this context and forget the Japanese yen to the U.S. dollar is roughly a 100 to 1 exchange. As such, the hiring cost for the Macross Quarter is perhaps more accurately expressed as 1.2 million "credits" for western audiences.
  • Cross-Dimensional Radar
    • An advanced form of radar technology that propagates electromagnetic waves through fold space. This technology allows effectively "faster than light", real-time electronic detection of distant objects without the significant time delay of light speed limitations for electromagnetic waves in real space. The Battle 7 cross-dimensional radar, in conjunction with the song energy detection system, was utilized to instantaneously locate City 7 on the far side of a red giant star.
  • Cupola
    • A small rotating turret equipped with a sighting device rather than weaponry, typically used by the commander of an armored fighting vehicle. The term cupola may also refer to a turret or sub-turret set on top of a larger turret.
  • Cybernetics
    • The interdisciplinary study of various sciences such as control systems, mechanical engineering, evolutionary biology and neuroscience. Most often the term is used to describe the technologies developed by cybernetics as they apply to modifying/augmenting the human body. Cybernetics is common aboard the Macross Galaxy fleet which aggressively developed such technologies during the long colonization voyage. Sheryl Nome's manager Grace O'Connor has cybernetic implants in her eyes. Brera Sterne of the Macross Galaxy fleet is a cyborg pilot, a fleet which also includes many cyborg soldiers (see also Implant/Implant Shell).
  • Cyclops
    • The name for cross-dimension radar systems developed with OverTechnology that can detect PCS readings.

  • Dais
    • Any type of raised platform located either inside or outside of a room or enclosure, often for dignified occupancy, as at the front of a lecture hall or sanctuary. The emulator Ishtar occupied a dais within a "Song Shrine" performance/communications room situated within the command vessels of the Mardook fleet.
  • Daisy Cutter
    • The nickname for a very large aerial blast conventional bomb - designated BLU-82B/C-130 weapon system - operated by the United States military in the 1970s. One of the largest conventional weapons ever used, the daisy cutter was originally designed to clear terrain of heavy foilage for helicopter landing zones and artillery emplacements by way of a very large blast radius, reported as between 1,500 to 1,700 meters (5,000 to 5,500 feet). The nickname also refers to the daisy cutter fuse, a long probe affixed to the front of the weapon, designed to detonate the aerial bomb at or above ground level. The Daisy Cutter has sometimes been incorrectly described as a fuel-air explosive device (FAE). The SV-51 variable fighter made use of former Warsaw Pact military standard aviation weaponry as well as an air blast bomb nicknamed "Daisy Cutter".
  • Deculture (de culcha / de karucha)
    • A Zentradi/Meltrandi expletive statement often spoken to communicate the feeling of shock or surprise (typically in context of the Protoculture). Included within the books for the Macross: Do You Remember Love? limited edition remastered DVD set is a list of Zentraedi/Meltrandi words and the Japanese/English translations. "De culcha" is translated as "stupid thing" or "terrifying thing". By themselves, "de" means "no" or acts as a negative prefix, and "culcha" means "wonderful thing". The closest english approximation would be the phrase "What the hell" in response to experiencing something shocking or bizarre. The phrase has since been adopted by the modern human/zentradi culture (post-Space War I) with a new positive connotation to describe something "amazing" or "great". Sometimes the phrase is uttered with the prefix "yack" (yakku de karucha). The prefix typically translate to "this" or "something". However, the words Yack Deculture (yakku de karucha) also take on a negative meaning that translate to "this unthinkable thing" or "some crazy thing". Use of the term is inconsistent and post-Space War I the prefix "yack" is mostly abandoned (but sometimes still used loosely).
  • Delta Squadron
    • The 3rd Air Wing variable fighter platoon operating out of the Ragna branch of Chaos, an interstellar conglomerate. Operating jointly with the Tactical Sound Unit Walküre, Delta Squadron not only performs escort duty but each of their specially modified VF-31 Siegfried variable aircraft utilizes fold quartz hardware to amplify the effect of the Walküre songs. Current command of Delta Squadron is conducted by Captain Arad Molders who has been left with discretion to appoint group members.
  • Delta Wing
    • A type of main wing designed in the shape of a triangle and typically built without horizontal stabilizers (tailplane). The VF-17 Nightmare is an example of a delta wing variable fighter (called a sawtooth delta wing). The advantages of the delta wing are simplicity of manufacture, superior structural strength and greater internal volume for fuel, missiles and other equipment.
  • Destroid
    • A portmanteau of the words "Destroy" and "Android" used to describe the humanoid war machines built with advanced OverTechnology. The destroid is a non-transforming AFV (Armored Fighting Vehicle) with heavy armor and firepower that far surpassed a variable fighter. Research and development of the destroid was supported by the UN Army in contrast to the variable fighter which was supported by the UN Navy, Air Force, and Marines.
      Notes on the Destroids within the Macross universe: Over the years, some fans have commented on the lack of destroids in Macross Plus (1994) and Macross 7 (1994-1995) and the small, limited role of destroids in both Macross Frontier (2008) and Macross Delta (2016). Numerous fan theories explaining the fewer number of destroids appearing in Macross range from theories of obsolescence/replacement, to failed technology, to outright abandonment of the concept. While fan speculation is fun and healthy, no official word on the subject destroid absence or proliferation exists. In all official trivia regarding the subject of destroids, there is no "absence" described nor any official/unofficial abandonment for any reason. When the official literature describes destroids the subject is written as though destroids have been a persistent part of the Macross universe. Macross Chronicle Frontier Mechanical Sheet NUNS 05A: Destroid Cheyenne Mk II describes the Cheyenne weapons as "enhanced to that of an average MBR class Destroid", establishing that the MBR series is still the combat destroid standard even in the 2059 era. The only mention of any kind describing the destroids on any scale is a brief caption to an image in the "Macross Chronicle Technology Guide 03A: Destroids" that states: "However, after the First Interstellar War, variable fighters increased their all-purpose role and the number of Destroids being operated seems to have decreased". Deployment of destroids "seem" to have decreased relative to variable vehicles post-Space War I, a comment purely describing perception. The official trivia clearly does not provide - nor commit to – any definitive statement on the subject and never states destroids are absent or abandoned.
      Since there is no official trivia confirming any fan theory about absent destroids in-universe, the most likely explanation is outside of the fiction. Choices by the creative teams of the Macross sequels either excluded destroids or presented them in a narrower, more simplified presentation. Other than these definitive production decisions, there is no official word.
  • Do You Remember Love? (1984 animated film and 2031 fictional movie)
    • As the anime production: Released in 1984, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross The Movie: Do You Remember Love? animated film is an alternate retelling of the original Macross television series (1982). Creator Shoji Kawamori originally stated Do You Remember Love? (DYRL) was an equally legitimate interpretation of the historical (fictional) events of Space War I first seen in the Macross television series. When Macross 7 (1994) was released, the status of DYRL changed to a "work of complete fiction (movie) within the fictional Macross world", yet character/setting/design elements from DYRL appear as part of the official events within the Macross sequels. Fans have commented on these contradictions and sought clarification. As of this writing there is none, thus Macross fans must simply accept that Shoji Kawamori and the Macross creative teams will use preferred elements from both Macross (1982) and DYRL (1984) while disregarding any continuity problems that may arise from merging series/film elements. The first source to mention Do You Remember Love? as an in-universe movie is in the feature from the first volume of the Macross Plus OVA release in Japan titled "Macross: a Future Chronicle".
      As fiction within the Macross universe: A movie that premiered in February 2031 about Space War I and Lynn Minmay. The movie became an enormous success and revived the Minmay Boom the same year. It influenced later protrayals of Space War I and inspired many United Nations citizens including Basara Nekki, a pivotal figure in the Protodeviln War (March 2045 - February 2046). For propaganda reasons, the movie deviated from the historical events. Zentradi female commander Moruk Laplamiz was intentionally protrayed as a commander of an entire "Meltrandi" main fleet separate from the Bodol Zer Main Fleet, in order to emphasize the existence and danger of main fleets besides the Bodol Zer Main Fleet. (The movie popularized the Zentradi term "Meltrandi" in reference to female Zentradi.) The movie also employed the East River training ship to portray Bodol Zer's mothership, using holography to alter the ship's outer appearance.
      Notes on the film as fiction within the Macross universe: Macross 7 episodes 11 ("Minmay Video") and the third unaired episode ("Fleet of Strongest Women") excerpted the Do You Remember Love? movie. This movie purportedly produced within the Macross world has several differences from the similarly named film, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross the Movie: Do You Remember Love? (1984). The 2031 movie in the Macross world has Max and Milia fighting in space, which did not occur in either the 1984 film, or the first Macross series (1982). It also portrays Max and Milia's marriage which was not included in the 1984 film.
  • Dimension Cutter
    • The name for a large micro-dimension eater (MDE) missile mounted upon the VF-171EX Nightmare Plus variable fighter. The name is most likely a reference to the real world "Daisy Cutter", a massive conventional bomb with the Daisy Cutter fuse for detonation mounted and used by the SV-51 variable fighter in Macross Zero (Macross Chronicle 2E Frontier Mechanic Sheet NUNS 03B).
  • Dimension Eater (Fold Bomb)
    • A type of high-energy reaction warhead utilizing "super" heavy quantum to achieve a gravitational-dimensional collapse in three-dimensional space (real space) similar to a black hole. Mechanically simple, a dimension eater consists of a resonance fold pulse generator that uses fold quartz within a storage vessel for the super heavy quantum fuel that creates the destructive reaction. Once initiated the dimension eater produces a " pseudo-black hole" effect of intense gravity called a "super gravitational field" that violently transitions itself and everything caught within the field into fold space. The many advantages of dimension eater weapons are their ease of operability, suppression of collateral damage and an effective range that is freely configurable by varying the amount of heavy quantum in the warhead.

      Since dimension eaters can only be produced using fold quartz to build the essential resonance fold system, these weapons are considered unsuitable for mass production due to fold quartz’ scarcity. The New UN Government has also restricted production and usage of these weapons in addition to the harvesting, distribution, and possession of the fold quartz essential to produce them. In 2059, dimension eater weapons were manufactured by LAI corporation onboard the Macross Frontier fleet, including the dimension eater used by Grace O'Connor that caused the annihilation of a New UN Spacy Battalion and the catastrophic destruction of over a quarter of the planet Gallia IV (Macross Chronicle Technology Sheet 13A: Dimension Weapons). Sometime in 2060, a dimension eater was deployed by the New UN Spacy upon the planet Windermere (at the end of the First Windermere War of Independence), causing catastrophic damage and loss of life in the city of Carlisle.

  • Eden
    • A planet in the Groombridge 1816 (Helios) solar system that was colonized in November 2013. The planet became a burgeoning colony world and home to the New Edwards Test Flight Center in 2020. Eden is 11.7 light years away from Earth in the Sol System. A factory satellite orbits the planet of Eden (Macross Chronicle 2E Mechanic Sheet Frontier TV SMS 07A).
  • Ecological Mapping
    • An exhaustive list that accounts for all flora and fauna within the ecological closed system of a colony fleet. Access to the Ecological Mapping is made publically available to all colonists.
  • Ecological Protection Act
    • The name for legislation enacted aboard most New UN Spacy colony fleets that protects the environmental integrity of the colony. Due to the finite supply of such resources as water, vegetation and animals on a colony fleet, the closed system is protected from abuse by prohibiting damage to the environment and ownership/domestication of any wild animal. Citizens violating the Ecological Protection Act can be arrested and forced into community service.
  • Energy Conversion Armor (SWAG Energy Conversion Armor)
    • An OverTechnology which redirects excess power generated by a vehicle engine into the specially designed armored hull of the vehicle, resulting in a significant increase in armor strength. The system is composed of OverTechnology-derived laminated layered armor which increases in strength via the application of electromagnetic pulses (Macross Chronicle Mechanic Sheet Zero UNS 01A). The earliest variable fighters relied upon overtuned conventional engines producing enough power to increase armor strength comparable to that of a tank. Later variable fighters utilized similar SWAG energy conversion armor, but featured far more powerful thermonuclear reaction engines. In 2059, the Vajra were encountered utilizing Bio-Energy Conversion Armor so powerful it was nearly invulnerable to all but the most potent munitions and heaviest weapons. Large spacecraft also make use of Energy Conversion Armor.

      There are currently four specifically defined types of Energy Conversion Armor (ECA):

      SWAG Energy Conversion Armor
      ASWAG Advanced Energy Conversion Armor
      Energy Conversion Armor II
      Bio-Energy Conversion Armor

      The implementation and usage of ECA is widespread. The armored shutters and shells of the New Macross Class Colony ships are ECA (Macross Chronicle Technology Sheet 01E). Some destroids like the Octos use ECA in a limited fashion. The gun pod of the VF-0 Phoenix is stated to be developed with the expectation of combating a foe with ECA systems comparable to that used by the UN Forces, thus implying the Zentradi mobile weapons incorporate ECA (Macross Chronicle Technology Sheet 03A). Varauta spaceships are characterized by hull designs that use "planks" of ECA (Macross Chronicle 2E M7 Mechanic Sheet 04B "Varauta Fleet"). Gigile's personal battleship features double the normal amount of ECA. The VF-25F Messiah and VF-25S Messiah can be outfitted with the APS-25A/MF25 Armor Pack that features ASWAG Advanced ECA. Also, the anti-projectile shields of the VF-25 Messiah series of variable fighters are made of the same 2nd generation type of enhanced energy conversion armor used in the Armored Pack (Macross Chronicle Mechanic Sheets Frontier SMS 02B and 03B, Great Mechanics.DX 9 pg.15, 18). The Queadluun-Rhea has ECA adopted for the cockpit area (Macross Chronicle Mechanic Sheet Frontier SMS 05A and 07A). The VF-27γSP Super Lucifer has Super Packs that are built with Energy Conversion Armor II. No additional information about this type of ECA is provided. It is unknown if ECA II is comparable to ASWAG Advanced ECA or if it is a new type of ECA with capabilities vastly different than any current ECA system.

      There are also many vaguely defined types of Energy Conversion Armor (ECA): Light, Layered, Heavy, Enhanced and Reinforced. Some of these poorly defined armor types may actually be ASWAG Advanced ECA, since the ASWAG itself is defined as "enhanced" or "strengthened" ECA.

      "Light ECA" is a design feature new to the YF-24 derivative variable fighters. The Stage II Thermonuclear Turbine Engine produces enough of a surplus of power that even in fighter mode - when there is 50% or greater output – light ECA can be powered around critical areas of the airframe, such as the cockpit and engines (Great Mechanics DX 9, pg 16-17).

      "Layered ECA" is described composing the armored pack mounted upon the forearm shield for the YF-29 Durandal Super Packs (Macross Chronicle Mechanic Sheet Macross F Movie SMS 04B).

      "Heavy ECA" is described as a feature on the Macross Quarter. The flight deck of the ARMD-L Carrier arm of the Macross Quarter is composed of heavy ECA so that it can double as a shield. Heavy ECA is also built into the bow of the Macross Quarter's ARMD-R Gunship arm so that it can be used to physically penetrate (lol) other warships (Macross Chronicle Mechanic Sheet Macross F SMS 01A).

      "Enhanced ECA" and "Reinforced ECA" are described as part of the Battle Frontier. It is stated the flight deck of the Battle Frontier is built with enhanced ECA. In Storm-Attack mode, the Battle Frontier utilizes reinforced ECA within the main block (Macross Chronicle Macross F NUNS 01A).

      Although first mentioned as official fact in Macross Zero (2002), creator Shoji Kawamori publicly described the general technology of energy conversion armor before Macross Zero and actually conceived it longer before. A video interview with Shoji Kawamori featured in the 1999 Mixx software Macross U-Print game for Windows 95/98 makes mention of ECA. Early variable fighters, like the VF-0 Phoenix, could only use Energy Conversion Armor in Battroid mode. In later variable fighters, advancements in engine power generation allowed partial use of ECA in fighter mode (Great Mechanics.DX 9 article). The SWAG Energy Conversion Armor initial acronym (which is not defined) is sometimes written as "SWGA". Also, the name of this technology is sometimes written as "converting". NOTE: A common misunderstanding of variable fighter engines assumes the Battroid mode may consume more power than the highest performing fighter mode. In a conventional turbofan jet engine (internal combustion), more thrust produces more engine spinning which produces more power. By contrast, the thermonuclear reaction engine produces power through nuclear fusion to generate both electricity and thrust - more thrust taps more energy from the reactor, reducing available electrical power. Fans have noted the irony is that Macross Zero was the first Macross title to officially mention ECA within the animation, yet the VF-0 Phoenix uses conventional (overtuned) turbofan engines, not thermonuclear reaction engines.
  • Epsilon Foundation
    • A private interstellar organization that offers services to a variety of different clients across the galaxy. Their products and services vary widely, from medical supplies to military equipment and even includes deep space mining.
  • EPM (Electronic Protective Measures)
    • The term for the degree of protection against electromagnetic jamming. A rating is often used to designate the required level of protection against any given attack. Unmanned craft controlled via AI computers are especially susceptible to electromagnetic jamming of sufficient strength and thus the reality of jamming on the modern battlefield necessitates continued human operation of military vehicles.
  • Evil Series, Zentradi (pronounced Eh-vil)
    • Advanced (Zentradi) biological weapons built by the protoculture hundreds of thousands of years ago. Development on the Evil Series was halted because the power of the weapons exceeded the fighting capability requirements, but discovery of super dimension energy from the sub-universe (as well as internal conflicts within the Stellar Republic) revives the program. Utilizing biological super dimension organs that harvest vast amounts of super dimension energy, seven Evil Series weapons of seven types are completed. Notable are the highly mobile, humanoid "Sivil" for search-and-destroy functions and a super-scale, high-powered "Glavil" for fleet warfare. Tests of the Evil Series begin, but at the same time the biological super dimension organs overload and release extradimensional energy. The Evil Series are inhabited by the Protodeviln from the sub-universe and the invasion of the Stellar Republic begins.
  • EX-Gear
    • A two-part exoskeleton and g-suit equipped with two variable geometry wings and two hybrid jet/rocket engines fitted to rest on the back of the pilot. EX-Gear includes mechanical hardware for the head, torso, arms and legs to assist in take off/landing, improving overall pilot mobility and enhancing pilot endurance against acceleration. EX-Gear is used to familiarize the operator with flying and is integrated into the cockpits of the newest VF-25 Messiah variable fighters. Civilian units built to the same standard as military issue equipment are used to train students in flight schools, such as the aeronautics program at Mihoshi Academy. When the EX-Gear is integrated with the Inertia Store Converter (see ISC) in the new VF-25 Messiah variable fighter, the pilot is protected from the harsh effects of high acceleration. The EX-Gear integrate with the flight computer of the VF-25 to allow the Messiah to be controlled by the EX-Gear's unique HMI (human-machine interface). The EX-Gear monitors the nerve impulses in the pilot's muscles and controls the VF-25 fighter through a continuous link to the pilot's thoughts (conceptually similar technology to the old BDS built for the YF-21; see Brain-Direct interface System). The name "EX" is short hand for "Extender".

  • FAST Packs
    • Acronym for Fuel And Sensor Tactical (FAST) Packs. Many FAST Packs are built in form factor (conformal) sections to reduce negative effects on variable fighter aerodynamics but some FAST Pack systems are specifically designed for use in space only. Other FAST Packs may be trans-atmospheric and serve different functions (example, YF-19 and YF-21). Virtually all FAST packs are designed with a blow-away capability allowing spent sections to be instantly ejected from the variable fighter either by the pilot or automatically by the onboard computer. While primarily adding fuel and sensor hardware, a large number of FAST packs also provide additional missile or beam weaponry. Terminology such as Super Packs/Super Parts are often used as well as Boosters/Trans-atmospheric Boosters, or combination of both. NOTE: FAST Pack systems were described using different nomenclature as time went on, possibly because the acronym no longer accurately described the function. During release of Macross Plus and Macross 7 (1994) there appeared to be a deliberate move away from the "FAST Pack" terminology. While the prototype YF-19 and YF-21 variable fighters retained the FAST Pack terminology, a change started with the VF-11B Thunderbolt whereby the added space equipment was designated "Super Parts/Super Packs". In the Macross 7 series the term "FAST Pack" is almost never mentioned in the official trivia, but "Super Parts/Super Packs" are labeled for each space-optimized valkyrie, including the VF-11C Thunderbolt, the VF-17 Nightmare and the VF-19 Excalibur. When Macross Frontier was released the terminology for "FAST Pack" returned to the official trivia in a modified form. Perhaps a compromise of sorts, Macross Chronicle writers make frequent mention of "Super FAST Packs" throughout Macross Frontier trivia.
  • Faster-than-light
    • A term which refers to the propagation of matter or energy at speeds faster than that of light. Sometimes also refered to as "superluminal" or by the acronym "FTL", the term is most often described in relation to interstellar travel (see Fold). Faster-than-light technologies are required for efficient space travel and communications because the distances between stars are so far that without these technologies a space craft would take years to travel between the closest stars and communication would be similarly impractical. OverTechnology solved the problems of space travel through the introduction of many faster-than-light technologies that have impacted propulsion, radio (see Fold Communications) and radar (see Fold Wave).
  • Fault Fold
    • A fold fault that interferes with the physical dimension (real space/three dimensional space). The Vajra Queen has the ability to convert fold faults into fault folds to create a barrier-style defensive field (said to be impossible to destroy with any kind of weapon) and as an offensive attack. When Grace O'Connor integrated with the Vajra queen she artificially produced dimension faults, using them for offense and defense in the battle against the Macross Frontier fleet in 2059 (Macross Chronicle Glossary Sheet 12A and Macross Chronicle Technology Sheet 08A).
  • Flying Wing
    • A tailless fixed-wing aircraft that has no fuselage. Since the entire structure of a flying wing aircraft is a single wing, the equipment, crew, and payload is housed inside the main wing structure. Flying wings have several advantages compared to conventional aircraft such as far greater aerodynamic lift, minimal drag and high fuel efficiency. Disadvantages of the flying wing is an inherent aerodynamic instability and although slender wings are the most efficient, there is less room for cargo unless the wing is built deeper (thus sacrificing some of the advantage).
  • Fold
    • A short hand term for the OverTechnology of super-light-velocity spatial displacement. Fold travel allows a spacecraft to enter super dimension space and traverse vast interstellar distances nearly instantaneously. A fold first swaps the location of the spacecraft with super dimension space and then swaps super dimension space with the space at the destination, depositing the spacecraft in the process. During the events of Space War I, First Lieutenant Misa Hayase describes the passage of time during a fold as an hour of time in super dimension space equivalent to the passage of approximately ten days in normal space (Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Episode 11). When initiating a fold to super dimension space the term "fold in" is used. When a spacecraft arrives at the destination by departing super dimension space the term "defold" (or "fold out") is used. Space craft typically measure space folds in light-years, such as the 1,000 light year fold conducted by the Macross Frontier fleet to reach the Vajra homeworld in 2059.
  • Fold Booster
    • A small-scale fold device capable of displacing a space vehicle such as a fighter through super dimension space, allowing interstellar travel. First utilized in 2040, early fold boosters were not small enough to be internalized within a variable fighter and required mounting upon the exterior of the craft. The fold booster was also designed for short range travel and not certified for performing beyond a one-way 20-light year trip through fold space for reasons of safety (though UN Spacy records do indicate successful folds beyond that limit). Despite these disadvantages, the fold booster enabled deployment of variable fighters across interstellar distances without the need for a carrier vessel (see also Super Fold Booster).
  • Fold Carbon (Fold Coal)
    • A black crystalline material that looks like carbon. Sometimes known as fold coal, it is integral to the function of many OverTechnologies. Fold carbon is indispensable to the generation of Heavy Quantum, a super-dense extra-dimensional matter that is manipulated in most fold-based technologies including reaction weapons, dimension weapons, fold drives/engines, etc). Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 2, pg 24 (2009) mentions a fold carbon coil is the heart of the thermonuclear reaction turbine engine, which produces the heavy quantum that catalyzes the reaction and controls/confines the plasma stream produced by the reaction.
  • Fold Communications
    • Describes the process of using fold space to propagate electromagnetic signals "effectively" faster than the speed of light. This permits real-time communication between parties seperated by vast interstellar distances that would normally make such communication impossible (Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Episode 4).
  • Fold Fault (Dimensional Fault)
    • The name for a dimensional fault, similar to a distortion, that exists within fold space. These fold faults adversely affect spaceships travelling within fold space and can obstruct fold communications. The extent and severity of a fold fault can vary. Some fold faults can only be penetrated with a disproportionately massive expenditure of energy - a fault could cause a spacecraft to consume enough energy to fold several hundred light years just to fold a distance of only a few dozen light years. More severe fold faults obstruct space fold navigation completely. Carelessly approaching and encountering a fold fault can also be dangerous. It has been said that several emigrant fleets went missing due to accidents with fold faults. Although the validity of this may be in question since the New United Nations Government has used fold faults as a cover story for the loss of the SDFN-04 Global and the destruction of the 117th Research Fleet. Fold faults have been confirmed in every known area of the galaxy (Macross Chronicle Glossary Sheet 21A and Macross Chronicle Technology Sheet 08A).
  • Fold Quartz
    • A material mined and harvested by the Vajra. The Vajra mine Fold Quartz from dead stars and process them along with the V-Type micro-organisms. This grants fold quartz the potential to respond to fold waves in super dimension space. Fold waves are used as a manner of faster-than-light communication through super dimension space, something the New UN Spacy achieves via technology but that the Vajra achieve naturally through the use of fold quartz. Humans/zentradi infected with the V-Type virus can communicate through fold waves and those possessing fold quartz on their person (such as Sheryl Nome's Fold Quartz earring) can send/receive fold quartz signals. Fold quartz can be used to produce a "super" heavy quantum that has even greater mass than regular heavy quantum which is used in dimension eater weapons.
  • Fold Space
    • A type of super-dimension or sub-universe that is only vaguely defined but is integral to many OverTechnologies originally discovered by the Protoculture. In particular, space fold navigation relies upon manipulation of super dimension space (fold space). This super-dimension/sub-universe is also used for super dimension energy cannons and makes it possible for extremely efficient reactors using super dimension spatial theory. Under ideal conditions, traveling through fold space (super dimension space) has almost no difference between subjective and objective time. Also, a living organism's ethereal body (or "spirit") is separate from the physical body while travelling within fold space (Macross Chronicle Technology Sheet 08A: Space Folds). In various published Macross sources, super dimension space has been defined as fold space, higher dimension (dimensional) space, subspace, hyperspace and sub-universe (see also Super Dimension Space). All editions of the Macross Chronicle most frequently use the term fold space while the original term super dimension space is typically relegated to the older trivia.
  • Fold Sickness
    • Adverse effects on the human body due to the space-time folding effect, the common method of interstellar travel. Symptoms of fold sickness are described as similar to that of motion sickness. Some experience euphoria instead [Pash! Animation File 02 (2009)].
  • Fold Wave
    • A naturally existing energy wave in super dimension space that travels effectively Faster-Than-Light (FTL). Fold waves are used to achieve Faster-Than-Light communication over vast interstellar distances and also allow FTL detection using fold wave capable radar. The RVF-25 Messiah utilizes enhanced electronic warfare Aegis that can detect targets via fold waves with a maximum detectable distance of one light-day (see Light-year).
  • Fold Wave Jamming Apparatus
    • A device developed by LAI for interfering with fold waves. The fold wave jamming apparatus was made to jam the Vajra fold communication network and can be used against individual vajra.
  • Forward-Swept Wing
    • A type of wing design in which the main wing root is mounted rearward with wings that sweep forward rather than traditional main wing roots that are mounted forward with the wings swept rearward. The YF-19 and the VF-9 Cutlass are examples of variable fighters with forward-swept main wings. The forward-swept wing's primary advantage is improved maneuverability at transonic speeds (around the speed of sound). A common misperception is forward-swept wing designs are unstable, but this is not the case; relaxed stability is not an inherent part of forward-sweep and is due to other intentional design factors.
  • Frontier Presidency
    • The name of the government that directs the Macross Frontier fleet in 2059. Situated aboard Island 1 of the Macross 25 itself (Macross Frontier), the government is lead by Howard Glass, the president of the New United Nations.
  • Full Barrier System
    • An improvement of the original Pin-Point Barrier system which can completely encircle a ship in an energy sphere of Super Dimension Energy. The sphere acts as a total barrier, stopping most energy and matter from crossing the shell, including that directed from the protected ship. The full barrier was typically utilized in conjunction with properly timed weapon salvos, activating only after a ship has fired all weapons. The barrier system would overload after subjected to sufficiently powerful exposure from enemy fire and would itself explode in a violent reaction.

  • Galactic Parallel Thought Network Plan, The
    • A published scientific theory that was the crowning academic achievement of Grace O'Connor. The plan detailed the creation of a galaxy-wide thought network that would tie all of humanity into a single, distributed-intelligence type organism like the Vajra. It is suspected Grace O'Connor initially generated interest in the concept by presenting it to parties like Richard Birla of LAI Corporation and Leon Mishima of the New Unified Government as a galaxy-wide fold transport and fold wave communications network that would essentially corner the market on interstellar transport, communication and commerce. However, Grace O'Connor and her supporters in the Macross Galaxy fleet had machinations beyond that plan, forcing implants upon the crew and citizenry of the Macross Galaxy fleet (who were then mentally enslaved). The motives of Grace and her Macross Galaxy cohorts was (in their minds) the advancement and preservation of humanity by uniting the species as a distributed intelligence that would eliminate all internal conflicts. In this way Grace concluded humanity could avoid the internal strife that ultimately caused the demise of the Protoculture. The plan further expanded into a plot that initiated hostilities between the Vajra and the New United Nations government. Through that conflict, Grace briefly subsumed the Vajra Queen on their homeworld and sent the Vajra forth in what she planned to be a massive attack against all the colonies and fleets of the New United Nations Government. Through the efforts of Sheryl Nome, Ranka Lee, Alto Saotome and the Macross Frontier fleet, Grace O'Connor was killed shortly after seizing control of the Vajra Queen. This act freed the Vajra and thus ceased hostilities against the New UN Spacy, bringing an end to the Anti-Vajra War in 2059 (Macross Chronicle 2E Frontier Character Sheet ETC 01A and Worldguide 23A).
  • Galaxy Whale (Vahla Ena)
    • A race of space-dwelling creatures that migrate across the universe to absorb energy. Also known as Vahla Ena (ラ バ ー エ ナ Barra ena), one particular group of galaxy whales lead by the Great White Galaxy Whale would pass through the planet Zola on a seasonal cycle. These creatures were often targets for poachers.
  • Galaxy Network (Galaxy Network Signal)
    • A trans-galaxy communication network utilized by the United Nations Government (UNG). Built upon satellites and relays equipped with fold communication systems, the Galaxy Network Signal allows all the colony planets of the UN to remain in real-time contact with each other. The many colonization fleets of the UNG also use the galaxy network signal to remain in contact, often using specialized communication ships disguised as resort vessels (such as the Hollywood Amusement Ship attached to the 37th long-distance colonization fleet lead by the Macross 7).
  • Galaxy Standard Value adjustment
    • An adjustment for time displacement that occurs when a vessel travels within, and then exits, fold space. While fold travel is nearly instantaneous for the crew of a folding space craft, time passes much slower in real space and long distance fold travel requires that space craft re-synchronize their onboard chronometers to adjust for this difference. Typically the adjustment is measured in hours. When Alto Saotome in his VF-25F Messiah escorted pop idol Sheryl Nome travelling aboard a space transport to Gallia IV in 2059, both craft adjusted their onboard chronometers upon defold by +172.25 hours (Macross Frontier, Episode 12).
  • Galaxy Whale
    • The galaxy whales are immense space borne organisms that can travel through fold space naturally. They travel near the planet Zola on a rough migratory cycle and also frequent a burial ground on the surface of the planet. Galaxy whales are as large as many of the biggest space ships and are immensely powerful. The largest of the known galaxy whales encountered (the white whale) was able to survive the detonation of a reaction warhead without serious injury.
  • Gallia IV
    • A colony world of the New United Nations, the fourth planet in the Gallia binary star system. Since the solar revolution cycle corresponds to rotational period, it is divided into day and night-sides. The Gallia binary star system consists of a large main star and a large companion star and a strong solar wind blows within the system. The SDFN-4 Global (flagship of the 117th Research fleet) was attacked and presumed destroyed by the Vajra in 2048, but was subsequently found derelict on Gallia IV. Gallia IV was home to the Zentradi 33rd Marine Fleet commanded by Major Ogotai. This world was the unfortunate site of a Dimension Eater detonation in 2059 which destroyed the Zentradi marine battalion, the base and over one-quarter of the planet itself.
  • General Galaxy
    • An aerospace design and manufacturing company founded 2017. Former Bodol Zer Main Fleet technician Algus Selzer had just earned his doctorate in flight and bio-electronic engineering when he was invited to be the chief project advisor at General Galaxy's founding. General Galaxy produced numerous variable fighter designs during the early years (including the VF-14 Vampire along with Messer, a fighter now infamous for a role in the Protodeviln War) but is most famous for building the VF-17 Nightmare heavy variable fighter. In the 2030s, General Galaxy was one of two demonstration/validation phase contractors to participate in the Project Super Nova Advanced Variable Fighter (AVF) competition. Unfortunately General Galaxy's YF-21 variable fighter lost in the Project Super Nova AVF, though debate continues about the significant impact the Sharon Apple Incident had upon the AVF competition. Despite these setbacks, the YF-21 would give birth to the VF-22 Sturmvogel II special operations fighter and General Galaxy would be awarded the coveted main variable fighter contract to the New United Nations Spacy with their redesigned VF-171 variable fighter/bomber (in active service as of 2059).
  • G.E.R.W.A.L.K. (GERWALK)
    • Acronym for Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint. It refers to the mid-conversion mode of a variable fighter in which the aircraft partially transforms into the humanoid Battroid mode. In GERWALK mode, the variable fighter possesses some functions of a fighter jet aircraft and some functions of the humanoid battroid mode. Most often the GERWALK is used as a low-level air combat unit, similar to the traditional role of an attack helicopter.
  • g-force (g)
    • The g is a unit of measurement used to describe the acceleration of an object. While g is a measurement of acceleration, g-force refers to the inertial forces an object experiences when it changes speed and direction. Pilots experience g-force when operating combat aircraft and human tolerance to g-force is often one of the limiting factors in manned aircraft. Prior to the introduction of OverTechnology, trained pilots wearing g-suits could typically handle 9-10g without a loss of consciousness. As variable fighters advanced, the craft themselves were soon able to withstand dozens of g making the pilot the critical factor in maintaining high maneuverability in close combat. At one point in the 2040s fighter combat doctrine very nearly embraced unmanned fighter craft (Ghosts) to overcome the limitations of manned maneuvering. However, the unstable nature of AI systems (see Artificial Intelligence) and the vulnerability of computers to strong electromagnetic jamming (see EPM) necessitated continued human operation of variable fighters. With the introduction of the Inertia Store Converter/EX-Gear system in 2059 (see ISC and EX-Gear), the effects of g-force from acceleration upon the human body is no longer the limiting factor in combat maneuvering.
  • GGV (GiGaVolt)
    • A measure of output of 10 to the power 9 volts. It is used as a rating in Zentradi OverTechnology reactors.
  • Gravity Control
    • An OverTechnology which creates gravity aboard space ships. While the primary function of a gravity control generator is to produce an environment in which the crew can operate comfortably, a gravity generator also allows large space vessels to launch from and land upon the surface of a planet efficiently and safely.
  • Gun Pod
    • A powerful projectile gun that is one of the core offensive weapons of nearly all variable fighter armaments. Gun pods are typically designated using the model prefix GU (meaning Gun Unit) followed by a model number, such as GU-11. The gun pod features an automatic cannon, ammunition, a self-contained power source and a sensor system all housed within an aerodynamic shell. Most gun pods also feature a retractable handle to hold and fire the gun like a rifle in Battroid/GERWALK modes, an aerodynamic shaped extending/retracting exterior shell for mounting in Fighter mode as well as optional features such as a foldable stock, strap, stealth cover, retractable cooling cover and/or anti-armor bayonet. Gun pods are highly versatile weapons utilized within an atmosphere, also capable of operation in the vacuum of space and fire high-speed munitions that can intercept incoming missiles. The gun pods can be armed with a wide variety of ammunition types that range from recognizable projectiles used by a conventional military to exotic projectiles found only in the science fiction universe of Macross. The first gun pod mounted on the original VF-1 Valkyrie variable fighter was the Howard GU-11 55mm three-barrel gatling gun pod with 200 rounds fired at 1,200 rounds per minute. Numerous variants of the gun pod exist for all operational requirements such as the Gun Pod Beam Adaptor (found on the VF-17S Nightmare), the GU-XS-06 Long-Range High-Piercing-Round Gun Pod (found on the VF-11C Thunderbolt APS-11 Protect Armor Pack), the optional non-lethal Shock Gun Pod (found on the VF-5000G Star Mirage) or Speaker-pod-firing Launcher Pod (found on the VF-19 Excalibur Custom), the SSL-9B Dragunov Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle (found on the VF-171 Nightmare Plus and VF-25G Messiah) and the BGP-01β 55mm beam gun pod / high-powered beam grenade (found on the VF-27 Lucifer). While firepower of the gun pods is unknown, a GU-17 58mm gun pod (VF-25 Messiah) loaded with armor piercing ammunition was shown to have superior penetrating power to that of the 105mm tank cannon on a Beatrice (Macross Frontier, Episode 1 and Episode 7, comparative effectiveness against the Heavy Soldier Vajra).

  • Heads-Up Display
    • Any type of transparent display that depicts data while also allowing the user to maintain sight in the direction of their typical operating view. The term is named as such because it allows a pilot to view displayed information with their head positioned up and forward rather than looking downward at instruments in low positions. The HUD also provides the advantage of allowing the pilot to avoid refocusing their eyes between the outside view of the cockpit and optically closer interior instruments. In the Macross universe the HUD has been greatly expanded thanks to advanced technology and is often integrated with automultiscopic displays for a variety of functions. Such functions include typical navigation and combat displays common in military craft but also advanced communication and sight assistance that produce instant visual communication displays and magnification displays for distant objects. These HUD systems allow a pilot to visually follow a displayed graphic across the cockpit interior representing a tracked exterior object, even when that object is physically obscured (such as by the hull of the variable fighter). Cockpits with an advanced HUD grant the pilot preternatural line-of-sight for operation/navigation and advanced targeting, greatly improving situational awareness and reaction time.
  • HEAT warhead (High Explosive Anti Tank warhead)
    • A type of warhead utilizing an explosive shaped charge that enhances the ability to penetrate solid armor. A warhead with a shaped charge is designed in such a way that the explosive effect is focused by means of a casing surrounding the explosive material. Rather than the warhead explosion blasting in all directions, the shaped charge focuses explosive energy forward in a conical shape and thus imparts far greater kinetic force upon the target. All other factors being equal, a shaped charge is far more effective at penetrating armor than a traditional warhead of equivalent explosive yield.
  • Heavy Quantum
    • Extra-dimensional matter generated by fold devices and OverTechnology reactors. It has a property where over 99% of its mass is resident in super dimension space (Fold space). As a result, when its mass is drawn into three-dimensional space it crushes the fabric of space-time, which results in part of its mass being converted and released as a vast amount of thermal energy. Fold quartz can be used to produce a "super" heavy quantum that has even greater mass which is used in dimension eater weapons, whereby its mass transition into three-dimensional space creates a collapse so violent all surrounding matter is pulled into super dimension space.
  • Heavy Quantum Reaction Cannon/Gun
    • A powerful type of directed energy weapon (DEW) that utilizes heavy quantum as a catalyst. A heavy quantum reaction gun uses a resonance fold pattern to excite heavy quantum in fold space such that it loses its stability and thus its mass collapses into three-dimensional space (real space). The collapse crushes the heavy quantum past the fusion threshold at which point the reaction produces a powerful nuclear fusion plasma beam. A heavy quantum reaction cannon was built as the main gun of the Macross Quarter but such weapons can also be built much smaller, such as the primary gun pod for the VF-27 Lucifer.
  • High-Maneuver Missile
    • An advanced type of OverTechnology missile developed in the late 2030s. An improved propulsion system with vernier thrusters created a much more maneuverable missile capable of engaging even the fastest moving targets. Despite these advancements the early high-maneuver missile could be foiled if the relative speeds of the missile and the target were too fast to activate the promixmity detonators (reference: deployment against the YF-21; Macross Plus, OVA Episode 1).
  • Holography/Volumetric Images
    • Numerous technologies involving the use of holograms and volumetric images significantly advanced by the introduction of OverTechnology. Holography and volumetric imaging is used in everyday life but is most extensively utilized for military applications and within the entertainment industry. One of the first major music performers to utilize stage shows with advanced holograms and volumetric images was pop idol Lynn Minmay in 2009. Since then numerous music acts have used holographic and volumetric technology such as virtual idol Sharon Apple, the rock band Fire Bomber and vocalist Sheryl Nome. In military applications, holographic/volumetric images are used in nearly all command and control systems aboard ships of all types. Holography and volumetric imaging are also used extensively in variable fighters, first introduced in 2009 for VF-1 Valkyries equipped with "Block 6" cockpits. The VF-1 used advanced holographic/volumetric image systems inside the cockpit canopy for tracking/targeting and later variable fighters used such systems for image magnification and hands-off audio/visual communications systems. In various published Macross sources, these technologies are described as holographic, 3D display and infrequently as hologram.
  • Horsepower (hp)
    • Horsepower (hp) is a unit of measurement of power (power being the rate at which work is done). Though there are many different types of horsepower, the most common for electrical power is 1 hp equals 746 watts. Metric horsepower is 75 kgf-m per second and approximately equivalent to 735.5 watts. The acronym PS is sometimes used to denote horsepower, which means pferdestärke (the German translation of horsepower) and is roughly equal to one metric horsepower. The VF-1 Valkyrie engines are stated to generate 17,680 PS during ground combat, or 956 PS/t with standard take-off mass.
    • Acronym for Hands On Throttle-And-Stick which refers to the design of the cockpit controls in a variable fighter. The HOTAS concept allows the pilot to keep his "hands on the throttle-and-stick" by placing all or most of the variable fighter controls upon the stick and throttle. This cockpit control design eliminates the need for the pilot to take his hands off the controls to access various functions, significantly improving situational awareness and reaction time. During high-g maneuvers, combat, turbulence and other stressful circumstances, easy access to the controls can grant the pilot many advantages.
  • Humanity Seeding Project
    • The name for the policy instituted to colonize the Milky Way Galaxy shortly after the end of Space War I. Space War I resulted in the death of almost the entire human race due to the destruction of the planet Earth. The intention of the Humanity Seeding Project was to guarantee the survival of the human species by spreading human colonies across the galaxy and thus ensuring that the destruction of a single world would never again threaten the entire race with extinction.
  • Hypercarbon
    • A material possessing properties of superior structural strength that composed the hull of the ASS-1/SDF-1 Macross. The material was mentioned only in passing in the movie Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Rememeber Love? (1984). NOTE: No mention of hypercarbon has been made in Macross anime or official trivia since the 1984 film. Some suggest there may be a similarity between hypercarbon and space metal. All that is known at the time of this writing is both materials are barely mentioned in official trivia and are almost entirely absent from all editions of the Macross Chronicle. Outside the official continuity there is a description of a hypercarbon-carbon composite material composing the armored exterior of the VF-25 Messiah (Variable Fighter Master File VF-25 Messiah, pg 28).

  • ISC (Inertia Store Converter)
    • A technology built for the YF-24 Evolution variable fighter that helps protect the pilot from the harmful effects of acceleration, allowing mobility and combat capability beyond the normal limits of manned maneuvering. Derived from the Quimeliquola Special Inertia Vector Control system, the inertia conversion and storage system is commonly known as the "inertial buffer", "inertia buffer", and other such names. The ISC allows pilots to exceed the inertial endurance limits of the aircraft and human body with a system that gathers and redistributes inertia imparted in a maneuver. That portion of inertia the pilot and airframe are not able to endure is converted into dimensionally-distorted energy and temporarily stored until it is gradually returned to the pilot and airframe. Human pilots protected by the ISC can realize the full potential of the variable fighter and no longer is acceleration upon the human body the limiting factor in combat maneuvering. The rare material known as Fold Quartz is needed in the production of the ISC system.
  • Implant (Implant Shell)
    • Technology that can be introduced into a living organism to permit electronic communication and interface with computer systems. Implant technology can also allow fold wave communication and can even control an organism's consciousness. This dangerous technology was used upon the population of the Macross Galaxy Fleet, eventually allowing the directors of the Macross Galaxy to control the minds of the fleet crew and citizenry. The Implant Shell is a projectile weapon which can be fired upon a target to introduce an implant into the target organism. The Macross Galaxy Fleet planned to control the Vajra using a version of the impant technology, deploying Fold Wave Jamming to distrupt the collective consciousness of the vajra and then asserting direct control via Implant Shells. When the Macross Frontier government seized the implant technology from the Macross Galaxy fleet, they used the implant shell against the Vajra in a counteroffensive operation named "Hypnosis".

  • Joule
    • A derived unit of energy, work or heat in the International System of Units. A joule is equal to the energy expended - or work done - in applying a force of one newton through a distance of one metre or in passing an electric current of one ampere through a resistance of one ohm for one second.
  • Judah System
    • The name for a software system that governs the computer hardware of the AIF-7S Ghost fighter. The Judah System is normally set to receive constant commands governing the behaviour of the artificial intelligence systems of the Ghost fighters via a command and control craft (such as the RVF-25 Messiah). However, the pilot of the command and control craft may choose to release control of the Ghost fighters by activating the full autonomous mode of the Judah System, thus allowing the AIF-7S Ghost fighters full independent action in combat. The Judah System was the same software program that governed the Ghost X-9 Fighter in 2040 during the infamous Sharon Apple Incident. Near the end of the Anti-Vajra War in 2059, Luca Angeloni released the Judah System to full autonomous control in his three AIF-7S Ghost fighters (named Simon, John and Peter) to grant them an advantage in counter attacking the Ghost V-9 fighters controlled by the Battle Galaxy.

  • Kingdom of Wind
    • A world government that governs over the Windermerean population on the planet of Windermere IV in the Brisingr Globular Cluster.
  • Knot (kn or kt)
    • The knot is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour and is typically used to measure the speed of a craft traveling in water. An internationally recognized nautical mile 1.852 km in length (1.150 imperial miles) and thus one knot is 1.852 kmph. The knot is typically abbreviated as kn, but can also be abbreviated as kt.

  • Lagrange point
    • Five points in space where a small object under the influence of gravity can theoretically be stationary relative to two larger objects (such as a satellite with respect to the Earth and Moon). In November 2011, the UN Spacy successfully captured a Zentradi Military Factory Satellite and placed it at a Lagrange point.
  • LAI Corporation (Legodt & Angeloni Industries)
    • A comprehensive machine manufacturer that operates in the Macross Frontier fleet. LAI is bound by licensing agreements to the New Unified Forces in the armament manufacturing sphere, conducting production and modification of all types of armaments including variable craft. The VF-25 Messiah variable fighters deployed to the Stategic Military Services (SMS) were developed by LAI Co and constructed using the Shinsei Factory on the Macross Frontier Fleet. Other products developed by LAI Co. are the Inertia Store Converter (using fold quartz), personal equipment such as the EX-Gear (enhanced g-proof abilities for pilots) and the Super Fold Booster, nearly ten times faster than old fold boosters and posseses the capability to travel through fold faults. Luca Angeloni holds the title of "Special Advisor to the Technological Development Division" for LAI Corporation.
  • Laser
    • Acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser emits light in a narrow, low-divergence beam with a narrow wavelength spectrum and is used in numerous applications from optical storage to rangefinding. After discovery of OverTechnology, practical laser weapons became a reality and were made standard on nearly all variable fighters. The Mauler RÖV-20 Laser Cannon on the VF-1 Valkyrie variable fighter is a typical high-powered laser capable of at least damaging most armored mecha, ideal for point defense and a potent anti-aircraft weapon. Pulse Lasers are another type of laser weapon found on the VF-5000 Star Mirage and the VF-11 Thunderbolt.
      NOTE: Macross, like most other science fiction, uses the term "laser" as an easily recognizable directed-energy weapon that most audiences will understand when described in dialog. However, real lasers are ordinarily invisible in space, travel at the speed of light and do not have any kinetic force. In the context of Macross, it is understood the term "laser" refers to OverTechnology weapons that fire visible energy beams, may propagate much slower than light speed, may fire in bursts or continuous beams and may produce destructive effects that are unlike those of real lasers.
  • Leading-Edge Extension (also Leading-Edge Root Extension)
    • The leading–edge extension (LEX) is a small extension to an aircraft wing surface mounted forward of the leading edge of the wing. Leading-edge extensions serve to improve airflow at high angles of attack and low airspeeds for improved handling and delay of the stall. A leading–edge root extension (LERX) is a small, typically triangular-shaped fillet running forward from the leading edge of the wing root to a point along the fuselage often found on modern jet fighter aircraft. The LERX induce controlled airflow over the wing at high angles of attack with minimal impact during cruising flight. During a dog fight or during takeoff and landing, the high-speed vortex generated by a LERX maintains a smooth airflow over the wing surface well past the point at which the airflow would otherwise induce the stall point and thus the aircraft sustains lift at very high angles. The VF-25 Messiah is a variable fighter built with leading-edge root extensions forward of the main wing that also act as load-bearing mechanisms for transformation.
  • Lifting Body
    • A fixed-wing aircraft or spacecraft configuration designed such that the body produces aerodynamic lift. In contrast to common aircraft that feature a wing and fuselage design (or a flying wing with minimal or no fuselage), a lifting body is a fuselage with little or no conventional wing. Although a lifting body has no wing, it does feature fins and control surfaces that stabilize and control the vehicle and allow a regulated flight path.
  • Light-Year
    • A light-year is a unit of length equal to 9,460,730,472,580.8 kilometers (5,878,630,000,000 miles) and represents the distance light travels in a year. The light-year is ideal as a unit for measuring distance in space both because the speed of light is constant in a vacuum (equal to 299,792.458 kilometers per second) and because interstellar distances are so vast, a large unit of measure is required. Space craft typically measure space folds in light-years, such as the 1,000 light-year fold to reach the Vajra homeworld conducted by the Macross Frontier fleet in 2059. The speed of light is also used for relatively smaller units of measure in space such as light-day (25,902,068,371.2 kilometers) and light-second (299,792.458 kilometers). The Moon is 1.3 light-seconds away from the Earth.
  • Linear Actuator
    • A new type of transformation technology introduced in the YF-24 Evolution in 2057. The linear actuator prevents contact between the majority of moving parts in a variable fighter by allowing the parts to shift using electromagnetic force. The revolutionary linear actuator technology has shortened transformation time by two-thirds, improved reliability through fewer malfunctions and reduced maintenance time. All those advantages have been achieved by replacing most of the fragile mechanisms of traditional transformation systems. As a result of the linear actuator, the durability of the Battroid mode has also been improved.
  • Long-Range Colonization Fleet (Super Long-Range Colonization Fleet)
    • Colonization fleets that began launching in September of 2012. These fleets were designed for long range colonization of other planets. The Macross 7 and Macross Frontier/25 fleets were both long-range colonization fleets (also known as "Super Long-Range Colonization Fleet")

      1st Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet "Megaroad-01"
      13th Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet "Megaroad-13"
      31st Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet "Macross-1"
      33rd Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet "Macross-3"
      35th Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet "Macross-5"
      37th Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet "Macross-7"
      39th Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet "Macross-9"
      41st Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet "Macross-11"
      47th Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet "Macross-17"
      51st Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet "Macross Galaxy"
      53rd Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet "Macross-23"
      55th Long-Distance Emigrant Fleet "Macross Frontier"
  • Loschier Company
    • A black market arms smuggler that supplied various independent groups with illegal equipment and armaments. In spring 2047 a Zolan military officer named Liza Hoyly infiltrated the vessel of a space whale poaching group and stumbled upon a meeting between the poacher leader Kaliba and Loschier. Loschier Company utilized inventory robots to monitor stock and maintained a product catalog that included all kinds of military materiel including the VF-11C Super Thunderbolt variable fighter, the VF-17D Nightmare variable fighter, fold boosters and even advertised access to highly expensive reaction weapons.

  • Mach
    • The ratio of the speed of an aircraft relative to the speed of sound in the liquid medium (atmosphere) through which the aircraft is flying. These speeds relative to the medium are represented by the term "Mach", in honor of the late 19th century physicist named Ernst Mach. The speed of sound varies based on altitude and temperature, but roughly 330 m/s or 1,100 f/s (1,225 km/h or 761.2 mph) is considered Mach 1 on Earth (Mach speeds will vary from planet to planet). Subsonic flight is below Mach 1, transonic flight is nearly equal to Mach 1, supersonic flight is beyond Mach 1 and hypersonic flight is Mach 5 or faster. High hypersonic speeds (Mach 25+) are commonly achieved during atmosphere re-entry.
  • Macross Consortium
    • A conglomerated group of science and technology companies in 2040 involved in building virtual idol Sharon Apple and contributed to the X-9 Ghost fighter built by the UN Spacy.
  • Manipulator
    • A robotic hand-like mechanism that typically consists of a series of jointed segments which grasp and move objects with a number of degrees of freedom. The most common type of manipulator is a mechanism ergonomically shaped like a human hand built into the end of the robotic arms of a variable fighter Battroid. The manipulators are most often used during operation of the GERWALK and Battroid modes to grip and hold carried ordnance such as a gun pod. However, many other types of manipulators exist that more closely resemble claws and may feature fewer than five digits for gripping. The manipulators for nearly all valkyries are built for extreme durability and have the capability to grasp, rend and impact other large objects or target vehicles with tremendous force. In later variable fighters, the Battroid/GERWALK manipulator would often be enveloped in a pin-point barrier for added offensive power and also for defensive purposes. NOTE: In robotics, the "arm" of a robot is the Manipulator and the "hand" is known as an End Effector. The wheels of a mobile robot or the feet of a humanoid robot are not end effectors, but rather a part of the robot ambulatory system. In the Macross universe, the term "manipulator" exclusively refers to the hand-like device at the end of a robot appendage designed to interact with the environment.
  • Mass Production
    • The production of large amounts of standardized products. The advantages of mass production are typically faster production speed and reduced human error through automation. The disadvantages are the inability to vary standardized products and the high cost/time needed to change production once begun. The destroids and variable fighters are examples of mass produced vehicles. Official trivia states the VF-4 Lightning III began mass production in 2012 and ceased in 2022 with a total of 8,245 variable fighters built. Northampton Class Stealth Space Frigates began production at an undetermined date before 2030 and by the year 2045 there were more than 9,000 built. The Northampton is the most mass produced starship and is still in mass production as of 2059 (Macross Chronicle 2E Frontier TV Mechanic Sheet NUNS 06A). According to Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie Vol. 1, pg. 52 (2009) there were 5,459 VF-1 variable fighters produced in total

      VF-1 Valkyrie production counts (total 5,459)

      VF-1A = 5,093
      VF-1D = 85
      VF-1J = 49
      VF-1S = 30
      VF-1G = 12
      VE-1 = 122
      VT-1 = 68
  • Mayan (Island)
    • A solitary island in the South Pacific Ocean. Mayan Island was formerly the site of secret VF-0 Phoenix flights and in 2008 the United Nations government discovered the AFOS beneath the island. The events at Mayan Island are kept secret for at least five decades.
  • MBS (Macross Broadcasting System)
    • A news and entertainment television broadcasting company that formed aboard the SDF-1 Macross in October 2009. The MBS (particularly the Miss Macross Contest) was pivitol in promoting the career of then emerging popular music idol Lynn Minmay and also helped the 58,000 civilians stay informed of the latest Space War I news. It is noteworthy that the real Mainichi (Daily) Broadcasting Station in Japan also shares the same acronym.
  • MDE (Micro Dimension Eater)
    • A miniaturization of Dimension Eater technology to such a degree that conventional weapons can be armed with these MDE munitions to be used by variable fighters. Missile warheads, gun pod shells and even beam guns can be modified with micro-dimension eater (MDE) technology to project rapid fire micro-black holes like a pulse. The MDE functions just like a standard dimension eater weapon (pulling matter/energy within the blast radius into fold space) but they have a very small effective range. Nonetheless, the MDE surpasses dimension eaters in pinpoint attacks, multi-purposefulness and operability. Minute particles of fold quartz harvested from Vajra corpses were used to produce MDE warheads for micro-missiles and gun pod munitions by the Macross Frontier fleet in 2059 (Macross Chronicle Technology Sheet 13A: Dimension Weapons). In the case of the VF-25 Messiah variable fighter, the MDE loaded gun pods were known as the GU-17V gun pod.
  • Mecha
    • A word derived from the Japanese abbreviation for the english word "mechanical." In a narrow definition, mecha refers to any type of giant bidpedal robot vehicle with a humanoid shape. In the much broader, more accurate definition, mecha is defined as all that which is mechanical in nature. Such a definition includes all fantastic mechanized creations like giant robots and spacecraft as well as mundane mechanical items like computers, motor vehicles and firearms.
  • Melting Point
    • When a solid is subjected to heat the melting point is the temperature at which it changes state from solid to liquid. The chemical element with the highest melting point is tungsten (at 3,410 Celsius, 6,170 Fahrenheit) and Tantalum hafnium carbide has one of the highest melting points for any solid (4,215 Celsius or 7,619 Fahrenheit). In Macross 7 Episode 22, the spaceship City 7 is on a collision course with the red star Ix-Fau-Alpha 1101 and subjected to extreme heat. City 7 starts to suffer hull damage at 5,000 degrees Celsius and at 6,500 Celsius the damage is described as serious, indicating the hull of City 7 is composed of some advanced material with superior refractory properties (possibly "hypercarbon").
  • Meltrandi
    • The designation for the female gender of the Zentradi species. The terms Meltran referred to female Zentradi while Zentran referred to male Zentradi.
      A note about Zentradi/Meltrandi: The term "Zentradi" is still utilized in the greater Macross continuity to refer to both Zentrans (male) and Meltrans (female) as the same species. However, the terms Meltrandi/Meltran are also still used to differentiate the female Zentradi and the word "Meltrandi" is still used to describe a female Zentradi as both female and as a different species than human (despite the near 100% genetic similarity with humans).
  • Miclone (Micloning/Miclonization)
    • A term used by the giant-sized Zentradi/Meltrandi to describe humans in terms of their natural height and weight. The term "micloning" refers to the mechanical and biological process through which a full-sized Zentradi/Meltrandi (roughly five times the size of a human) is transformed into a human-sized being. Micloning (also known as Miclonization) is a near-perfected process allowing the Zentradi to change size conveniently and without negatively impacting their mental or physical functions. Both humans and zolans appear able to be macronized through the micloning process (see Macross: Do You Remember Love? and Macross Dynamite 7). When the Zentradi first encountered humans in 2009, the Zentradi believed their own giant size was the natural size of humanoid life and that all humans on Earth achieved their comparatively small stature via the micloning process. Hence, the Zentradi initially referred to humans as "miclones". The physical structure of the Zentradi/Meltrandi when in miclone form is almost identical to that of an Earth human. However, when macronized to giant form, the position, function, etc. of their internal organs changes in order to give them a more powerful physical form suitable for battle. It is when macronized by the Miclone System that the Zentradi/Meltrandi unique genetic differences become apparent. During the micloning process the organs and general constitution are scaled up and body-strengthening is applied. Though the Zentradi/Meltrandi are now able to procreate through sexual means as a result of coexistence with humans, many Zentradi/Meltrandi are still created by cloning on Factory Satellites (Macross Chronicle 2E Worldguide Sheet 10A: Zentradi). In some very rare cases, micloning has resulted in an unfortunate transformation. Due to a genetic anomaly, an adult Meltrandi pilot aboard the Macross Frontier fleet in 2059, experienced unusual side effects from the micloning process which reduced her body to that of an adolescent. The abnormal effects of Klan Klang's genetic anomaly would abate upon returning to giant size and her body would again assume adult proportions.
  • Micro-Missile
    • A weapon made possible via OverTechnology that contains an advanced tracking system, a high-velocity thruster and a powerful warhead inside a high-maneuverability missile typically 28 centimeters in diameter (11 inches). First introduced in 2008, the micro-missile has become one of the most widely used self-propelled weapons. The small size and weight of the micro-missile allows a single craft to carry more than fifty of these explosive projectiles. Micro-missiles are carried inside FAST/Super Packs, within special hardpoint pods like the UUM-7 or launched from internal missile bays within the body of a variable fighter. Micro-missiles are most often used for short range attack but have also been used at medium range and are capable of destroying all but the most heavily armored vehicles (reference: first deployment of the VF-1J GBP-1S Armored Valkyrie; SDF Macross, Episode 9).
  • Mihoshi Academy
    • A comprehensive, multi-level academy operating aboard Island 1 in the Macross Frontier fleet. The Academy has several departments including Aeronautics, General Technology, Information Science and Entertainment studies. Students at Mihoshi Academy's high school are able to enroll in the pilot training course. The main campus building of Mihoshi Academy resembles the iconic SDF-1 Macross and a VF-1A Valkyrie is on display atop the building. The Mihoshi Academy is also inspired by real landmarks; the main gate is an homage to Sather Gate at University of California, Berkeley campus. The park, where many of the Macross Frontier characters meet, is inspired by the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.
  • Mobile Weapon (Mobile Armor)
    • A term often used to designate various kinds of unconventional mechanical armored vehicles. Examples include Mobile Weapon (Queadluun-Rau Battle Suit and Nousjadeul-Ger Battle Suit), Mobile Ground Weapon (HWR-00 Destroid Monster MK II) and Mobile Land Walker (Gjagravan Va Land Weapon). The term "Mobile Weapon" can be vague, most likely because it is needed to describe a variety of different vehicles. Often when a conventional designation like "Fighter", "Tank", or "Shuttle" cannot accurately describe a vehicle, "Mobile Weapon" will be used to describe it. Many vehicles in the Zentradi Army are described as mobile weapons.
  • Model Numbers
    • A brief descriptive alpha-numerical code used to easily identify and describe a given vehicle. Below is a listing of model numbers followed by the meaning of each acronym.

      Model Number Types:

      ADR = Anti-Air Defense Robot
      HWR = Heavy Weight Robot
      MBR = Main Battle Robot
      SDR = Space Defense Robot
      QF = Drone Fighter
      VF = Variable Fighter
      VA = Variable Attacker/Attack craft
      VB = Variable Bomber
      VE = Variable Electronics warfare craft
      VF-X = Variable Fighter-Developmental
      VT = Variable Trainer
      YF = Prototype craft
  • Monkey Model
    • The unofficial designation for variants of military equipment (variable aerospace craft, armored vehicles, munitions) of significantly inferior capability to the original designs. The term is from Soviet-era Russia in which monkey models of military equipment were sold abroad to non-communist allies, yet monkey models were exported with the same designation as the original design despite lacking many advanced or expensive features of the original. The Shinsei Frontier/L.A.I variable fighter VF-19EF Caliburn is described as a monkey model of the VF-19E Excalibur (Macross The Ride, 2011)
  • Multi-Drone (Cygnus Multi-Drone)
    • Walküre idols make use of the "Cygnus" multi-drones mounted within the VF-31 Seigfried variable fighters operated by Delta Squadron. These small boomerang-like drones amplify the fold transmitters of the Walküre idols to increase coverage of the nullification effect against the Var Syndrome. The multi-drones can also group together in circular formations to form small pin-point barriers within their formation, which are often used to screen the members of Walküre from enemy fire during combat operations. Due to their size, multi-drones lack a large power reserve and so must be constantly charged in battle by the VF-31 Seigfried variable fighters from which they are launched by way of the remote energy charging unit.
  • Muzzle Velocity
    • In ballistics, muzzle velocity is the speed at which a projectile leaves the muzzle of a gun. Typically measured in meters per second, muzzle velocities in modern ballistic weapons range from subsonic speeds of 300 meters per second in some hand guns (roughly 1,000 feet per second) to high speeds of up to 1,700 m/s in the most advanced conventional tank cannons (roughly 5,600 feet per second, nearly the limit possible via chemical propellants). OverTechnology not only brought about practical rail guns (weapons that fire at roughly 3,500 m/s or more), but has also significantly advanced the muzzle velocity of conventional projectile weapons. While the muzzle velocities of most weapons in Macross are unknown, the 78 mm high-speed automatic cannons of the MBR-04-Mk X Destroid Defender have an officially published muzzle velocity of 3,300 m/s. In 2009, the Macross Chronicle provided several additional muzzle velocities for two gun pods. The GPU-9 35mm gun pod for the VF-0 Phoenix has a muzzle velocity of 1,100 meters per second (Macross Chronicle 2E Technology Sheet 01C: Gun Pods). The SSL-9B Dragunov Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle for the VF-25G Messiah has an initial muzzle velocity 6,200 m/s which increases to 7,490 m/s when fired in space (Macross Chronicle 2E Frontier (TV) Mechanic Sheet SMS 04A). In the Variable Fighter Master File: VF-1 Valkyrie Vol.1 (2010) page 52, the GU-11 Gun Pod for the VF-1 Valkyrie is rated with a muzzle velocity of 2,000 m/s. In the Variable Fighter Master File: VF-19 Excalibur (2010) page 71, the Howard GU-15 Gun Pod for the YF-19 is rated with a muzzle velocity of 4,000 m/s. The book Macross Journal Extra: Sky Angels: VF-1 Valkyrie Special Edition (1984) page 32 provides a very different muzzle velocity for the GU-11 gun pod rated at 5,980 m/s.

  • NUAC (New Unified Army Command)
    • The title that refers to the command structure for the New United Nations Spacy and other military sections. The New United Nations armed forces are under the administration of the NUAC which reports directly to the New United Nations Frontier Presidency.
  • New United Nations Government (New Unity Government)
    • The New United Nations Government in SDF Macross: Originally, the New United Nations Government was first mentioned in the original SDF Macross series (1982). It was the administrative body that succeeded the United Nations Government after the Zentradi attack that annihilated the Earth in March of 2010. At the time of SDF Macross this name for the governing body of Earth was given the title "New" (capitalized) as a way to distinguish it. The title "New Unity Government" was also used at various times to refer to this new government.
      The New United Nations Government post-SDF Macross: While the "New United Nations Government" was spoken when referring to the Earth government immediately after Space War I and for the remainder of the SDF Macross series, the sequels Macross Plus (1994) and Macross 7 (1995) instead revert back to the phrase "United Nations Government" or "United Nations Spacy".
      NUNS acronym in Macross II: In 1992 the OVA sequel Macross II was produced and utilized the title "NUNS" in several sequences throughout the series. However, the acronym "NUNS" does not refer to the government or military (This is Animation Special #5 clearly refers to the military of the Macross II world as the UN Spacy and the acronym UNS can clearly be seen on military uniforms in the anime). The acronym "NUNS" is a news station in the Macross II world (the NUNS logos can be seen on microphones used by news agents) however the full name for the acronym is never revealed.
      The New United Nations Government in Macross Frontier: In 2007 the sequel Macross Frontier was produced and began utilizing the "New United Nations Government" title for an administration that ruled human civilization not from Earth, but from aboard the mobile colony fleet Macross Frontier. However, in this sequel, the private military contractor Strategic Military Services (SMS) has come to play a very prominent role in the defense and military policy of this new government. Creator Shoji Kawamori has stated (interview from Otona Anime magazine #9) the New U.N. is a newly organized and decentralized government of the human colony fleets and colony worlds. Kawamori states that Earth is no longer able to directly control the hundreds of colony world and fleets given the vast interstellar distances involved. This change in government was not a coup or revolution, but a realigning of the galaxy at large. Thus U.N. colonies and fleets became self-governing but belong to the New United Nations as members.
  • NUNS or N.U.N. Spacy (New United Nations Space agency)
    • The title for the newest organized military space agency of the New United Nations Government operating in 2059, sharing an obvious organizational history with the older UN Spacy military establishment.

  • Organic Technology
    • Materials and machines that are either partially or fully biological in composition. This technology was invented by the Protoculture and subsequently employed by the armies of the Zentradi and Meltrandi. Various implementations of organic technology are utilized by the Zentradi and Meltrandi but perhaps the most well known is the semi-organic structure of the massive mobile fortresses. The hull of a mobile fortress is a growing/self-building technology that automatically constructs new hull areas. The Zentradi integrate organic technology extensively into their armies whereas the Meltrandi armies utilize far more inorganic technology.
  • Overboost
    • A high performance mode in the thermonuclear reaction turbine engines of a variable fighter that doubles the effective thrust. Overboost can be used to dramatically increase speed/acceleration and can be very advantageous in combat situations. Overboost was first utilized in the original VF-1 Valkyrie and has been included in many later model variable fighters like the VF-17 Nightmare.
  • OverTechnology
    • Any of a number of highly advanced sciences and technologies which humanity discovered upon researching the crashed ASS-1/SDF-1 Macross in 1999. The OverTechnology of the Protoculture transcended the technology humankind had developed to date.

  • Passive Stealth
    • The technology that uses passive techniques to protect a vehicle against detection via radar. Passive stealth systems can employ radar absorbent materials on the hull of a vehicle or the hull can be shaped in such a way that it reflects radar signals away from the radar return detectors (aka Low-Observability). The VF-17 Nightmare is an example of a variable fighter designed for passive stealth.
  • Patroid
    • A portmanteau of the words "Patrol" and "Android" used to describe the semi-humanoid robot configuration of both the City Police Patroid and the City Police Machines operating within City 7 of the 37th Long-Distance Colony Fleet (Macross 7 Fleet).
  • Pineapple Salad
    • A meal that no one will eat followed by a desert menu featuring the death of your favorite character.
  • Pink Pecker Team
    • A rather outrageous designation for an elite UN Spacy unit operating during the 2030s. The unit consisted of garish pink colored VF-11B Thunderbolt variable fighters flown by Ray Lovelock, Kinryu and Stephan.
  • Pin-Point Barrier System
    • An innovation of OverTechnology which creates small spheres of Super Dimension Energy that can be stabilized and manipulated. These energy spheres are used as a defensive system in combat, moved across the hull of a ship to intercept and defeat incoming fire.
  • Pixie Team
    • The name for an all-Meltrandi SMS combat team operating aboard the Macross Quarter in 2059. Klan Klang leads Raramia Rerenia and Nene Rora in this team of full-sized Meltrans operating Queadluun-Rea battle suits. The Pixie Team is part of the Macross Frontier colony fleet.
  • Protoculture
    • An advanced interstellar civilization whose species is considered the first sentient race to evolve in the universe. The protoculture existed hundreds of thousands of years before humanity achieved space flight and was responsible for guiding the evolvution of Humans and creating the Zentradi. After Space War I, the new human/zentradi civilization lead by the New United Nations Government is often considered the legacy of the Protoculture, even mistaken as the Protoculture itself by other remnants or races (Zentradi, Protodeviln, etc).
  • Protodeviln
    • A spiritual energy life form that evolved in a sub-universe adjoining our own. The Protodeviln crossed over into our universe hundreds of thousands of years ago by inhabiting the bodies of the Protoculture's advanced (Zentradi) all-enivron biological weapons named the "Evil Series" (pronounced Eh-vil). In order to survive as extra-dimensional beings in this universe, the protodeviln covet spiritia, the life energy generated by protoculture and zentradi. The Protodeviln invade with their army of controlled Protoculture and Zentradi people (Supervision Army) and feed off this spiritia to sustain themselves. The ensuing war with the Protoculture destroys over 85% of all life in the Stellar Republic. Though the Protodeviln are eventually defeated, they remained in our universe and were subsequently revived hundreds of thousands of year later. Soon after this brief revival of the Protodeviln they discovered a method of self-producing spiritia. The Protodeviln departed known space to explore the universe.
  • Protodeviln War
    • A conflict between the UN Spacy and the Protodeviln that began in March 2045 and ended in February 2046. Hostilities first began in 2043 when the Megaroad-13 research fleet surveys an "ice planet" within the Varauta system and scientists discover a mysterious energy field beneath the ice surface protecting an undisturbed legacy of the Protoculture. Experiments begin to deactivate the field, eventually dropping the field strength and awakening the Protodeviln heretofore unknown to be imprisoned inside. The Protodeviln seize control of the Humans and Zentradi (including Ivane Gyuntar who later becomes Gepernich) and begin building their own civilization and military. In 2045, the Macross 7 ventures near the Planet Varauta. Despite the warnings of Exedol Folmo not to approach the planet, Captain Maximilian Jenius does not heed these warnings and the fleet encounters a mysterious enemy (the Varauta Army). The war continues until the Protodeviln are defeated and agree to depart the Milky Way Galaxy.

  • Rail Gun/Cannon
    • An electrical weapon that accelerates a conductive projectile along a pair of metal rails. The advantage of the rail gun over a traditional gas expansion weapon is the extremely high muzzle velocity (roughly 3,500 m/s or more) offering greater range, superior kinetic energy and the capability to shoot down high-speed missiles. Since OverTechnology introduced practical rail guns they have been deployed on both space craft (SDF-1 Macross) and Destroids (HWR-00 Destroid Monster and VB-6 König Monster). Later generation Valkyries also make use of rail guns, like the SSL-9B Dragunov Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle for the VF-25G Messiah or the Remington LM-27s 27mm mini gunpod rail gun in the VF-31A Kairos. The SSL-9B fires ultra-high-speed armor-piercing projectiles boosted by electromagnetic rails at an initial muzzle velocity of 6,200 m/s which increases to 7,490 m/s when fired in space. There are also Remington LM-25s 25mm mini gunpod rail guns mounted as fixed armaments on the VF-31C Siegfried.
  • Ragna
    • A planet in the Brisingr Globular Cluster and home to a partially aquatic humanoid race called Ragnans. In 2037, a New United Nations Emmigrant fleet landed upon Ragna and built a colony. Chaos has its base of operations stationed within Barrett City upon the planet Ragna. During the Windermere invasion of the planet in 2067, Barrett City survivors of the attacks evacuated into the Island Jackpot colonization ship, using the ship (accompanied by the Macross Elysion) to leave Ragna. Near the end of the second Windermeran War of Indepedence, Ragna became the battleground for the final battle of the conflict and was the site of the nearly disastrous outcome of the war that was almost realized via the songs of the Star Singer.
  • Reaction (Engine/Weapon)
    • The term "reaction" is used in reference to a type of OverTechnology described as pair-annihilation. The Reaction Engine (often called thermonuclear reaction engine) is an excellent power source of extreme efficiency since it is not necessary for the fuel to be nuclear material and the reaction is easily maintained in a plasma state through the use of super dimension spatial theory. Reaction weapons using pair-annihilation via OverTechnology produce high energy destructive effects even greater than those of nuclear weapons. The use of nuclear weapons was considered a taboo for Japanese television at the time of the original Macross television series (1982) so the term "reaction" was used instead since, as Shoji Kawamori noted, there can be no protestors to pair-annihilation weapons since they do not yet exist. Reaction weapons were initially a type of thermonuclear reaction (fusion) technology. Later innovations lead to development of the pair-annihilation (antimatter) reaction warheads (circa 2045) which were deadlier but never appeared to completely replace thermonuclear reaction (fusion) weapons. Macross Chronicle 2E Technology Sheet 09A: Reaction Weapons states the initial models of reaction warhead used during the Unification Wars did have the potential to create some residual radioactive effects. It appears eventually that issue was resolved when they built later models of reaction warhead that were used during Space War I and thereafter.
  • Reactive Armor
    • A type of vehicle armor that reacts to the impact of weapon fire, typically using explosive layering to repel ballistic projectiles. Reactive armor is used as an optional armor configuration in the VF-0S Phoenix variable fighter. When struck by weapons fire the reactive armor explodes toward the projectile reducing the effective penetrating power of the attack. Direct hits upon reactive armor effectively expend the useful protection and thus the armor is typically ejected once damaged.
  • Rim Drive System
    • A type of electro-mechanical drive system for motor vehicles in which the drive mechanism is built into the wheel rims. Vehicles using rim drives do not have axles. Rim drives had become standard for all vehicles in the Post-Space War I era, with motorcycles, cars, buses and limousines all utilizing such drive systems.
  • Robot
    • A machine built to use electro-mechanical capability that is governed by a computer program or electronic circuitry. Robots can be mere mechanical avatars for human operators, they can be semi-autonomous or they can be fully autonomous machines that possess a variable level of artificial intelligence. When humanity obtained OverTechnology robots quickly became commonplace in everyday life. Early adoption of robots was used extensively for construction and became so common there were soon mobile robot vending machines, mobile robot cameras and trash disposal robots. Robots were also quickly adopted for military applications which lead to the creation of a heavily mechanized industry that built Drones, Destroids, and Variable Fighters.

  • SDF-1 Macross
    • Acronym for Super Dimension Fortress-One Macross, the official designation given to the vessel rebuilt from the remains of the crashed Alien StarShip One (ASS-1)
  • SDF-2/Megaroad
    • Originally the SDF-2 was a class of warship larger than the SDF-1. However, progress was halted due to the final conflict of Space War I. Construction resumed but the mandate for the vessel was changed to that of a colonization vessel and was redesignated Megaroad.
  • shp
    • Shaft horsepower (shp) is a unit of measurement of power (the rate at which work is done). Specifically, shaft horsepower is the power delivered to the propeller shafts of ships (powered either by steam, diesel engines or nuclear power), or an aircraft powered by a piston engine or gas turbine or the rotors of a helicopter.
  • Sharon Apple Incident
    • The events surrounding the installation of an illegal bio-neural chip into the virtual idol Sharon Apple in 2040. Once installed with the bio-neural chip, Sharon Apple began forming an artificial intelligence and subsequently a dangerous self-preservation psychology. Sharon took over control of the SDF-1 Macross, the X-9 Ghost fighter and hypnotically enthralled most of the population of Macross City. The X-9 Ghost was eventually destroyed in combat along with Guld Bowman in the YF-21 variable fighter and Isamu Dyson in the YF-19 variable fighter terminated Sharon by destroying the computer core the virtual idol inhabited inside the SDF-1 Macross.
  • Shield (Anti-Projectile Shield)
    • A hard defensive device built into the variable fighters beginning in the 2030s. The standard bulletproof, anti-projectile shield is built as the center rear dorsal fuselage of a variable fighter which is then deployed for use in GERWALK/Battroid configurations following transformation of the left arm. The anti-projectile shield is typically a defense option of last resort, used to intercept incoming attacks that cannot be shot down or avoided. The anti-projectile shield has proved an indispensable feature since introduced with the VF-11 Thunderbolt and is standard on the YF-19/VF-19 Excalibur, the YF-21/VF-22 Sturmvogel II, the VF-25 Messiah and the VF-27 Lucifer.
  • Shinsei Industry
    • An aerospace design company founded in 2012 by the merging of aerospace development divisions between Stonewell Bellcom and Shinnakasu Heavy Industries. Shinsei Industries first development project and mass-produced variable fighter was the VF-5000 Star Mirage and from there Shinsei would enjoy great success designing the VF-11 Thunderbolt (mass produced December 2030). In the 2030s, Shinsei Industry competed in the Project Super Nova Advanced Variable Fighter (AVF) competition with their YF-19 variable fighter. Though Shinsei was eventually awarded the contract to supply the VF-19 Excalibur as the next main variable fighter of the UN Spacy, debate continues to this day regarding the impact of the Sharon Apple Incident on the outcome of the Project Super Nova AVF.
  • SMS (Strategic Military Services)
    • A private military company run by Richard Birla with operations aboard the Macross Frontier fleet. The SMS provides highly trained and experienced civilian paramilitary units operating the most sophisticated modern military hardware to undertake missions for their customers. On board the Macross Frontier fleet, the Frontier Presidency directs the SMS when they require their services. While Strategic Military Services operates much like any other company, SMS employees can be compelled to serve the company under special circumstances via Exception Clause B in the SMS enlistment contract, which states: If the government with whom the SMS has its main contractural obligation should enter a state of war or similar crisis, the right to refuse orders, as well as the freedom for discharge during the specified period, will be forfeit.
  • Sniper Rifle
    • A special type of ballistic weapon built for a variable fighter that uses electromagnetic rails to propel projectiles to maximum acceleration (see Rail Gun/Cannon). The SSL-9B Dragunov Semi/Fully-Automatic Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle is a common example of this type of heavy weapon designed for long-range precision shooting. Such sniper rifles were used for variable fighters such as the VF-171 Nightmare Plus and the VF-25G Messiah. The SSL-9B rifles feature targeting assist balancers that deploy prior to firing and grant the weapon an impressive error margin of less than 10 centimeters at a firing distance of 20 kilometers. The Dragunov sniper rifle fires SP-55X 55mm ultra-high-speed armor-piercing ammunition boosted by electromagnetic rails (ultra-hard-metal jacketed, ultra-dense alloy bullets) that is propelled at an initial muzzle velocity 6,200 m/s, or 7,490 m/s when fired in space.
  • Song Shrine
    • A large room within the hull of a Mardook command ship built to transmit the songs sung by an Emulator. The emulator Ishtar occupied a dais within a Song Shrine from which she sang, transmitting her songs from the Mardook command vessels to the rest of the Mardook fleet.
  • South Ataria Island
    • An island located at the southernmost tip of the Ogasawara Islands in the North Pacific Ocean on Earth (coordinates: 24N, 141E). In 1999, South Ataria Island was the crash site of the Supervision Army Gunboat designated the Alien StarShip-1/SDF-1 Macross
  • Space Metal
    • A fictional lightweight material of superior structural strength used to build the internal frame of the VF-1 Valkyrie variable fighter. "Space metal materials" are used for the composition of the fuselage frame of the VF-0 Phoenix. Although little is known about this fictional material it is known Macross creator Shoji Kawamori is a fan of Mobile Suit Gundam, which suggests the material is likely an homage to luna titanium. NOTE: The use of space metal frames may have been abandoned/replaced in the post-2012 era of the Macross chronology. Almost no mention of space metal is found outside of the Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1982-1987) era. The one exception is the VF-0 Phoenix built with space metal materials, but as Macross Zero (set in 2008) is a prequel to Super Dimension Fortress Macross (set in 2009) space metal was possibly written as official VF-0 Phoenix trivia so the technology was era-appropriate.
  • Space War I (aka Stellar War I)
    • A conflict that began in February 2009 between the United Nations Government and the Zentradi military (Bodol Zer Fleet). The war ended in March 2010 resulting in billions of human and Zentradi casualties, making Space War I the most devastating human-involved conflict in history. A total of several hundred thousand (to approximately one million) human survivors confirmed in the Grand Cannons III and V, the Lunar surface's Apollo Base, and the space colony clusters (bunches).
  • Speed of light
    • The velocity at which light travels in a vacuum (299,792,458 meters per second). The speed of light (denoted by the letter c) is an important physical constant for measuring interstellar distances using units such as the Light-year.
  • Spiritia
    • Spiritia is only vaguely defined as life energy common to all living beings in this universe. It became known to humanity when a race called the Protodeviln began extracting spiritia from humans by force. Since the Protodeviln were from a parallel universe, they required spiritia from native live forms in order to continue to exist in this universe. Certain individuals, known as Anima Spiritia, can generate a pure form of spiritia that cannot be absorbed.
  • Stabilizer (Horizontal/Vertical)
    • A small type of wing located at the rear of an aircraft to provide stability during atmospheric flight. The horizontal stabilizer (aka tailplane) controls the pitch of the aircraft (up-and-down) while the vertical stabilizer (aka fin) controls the yaw of the aircraft (side-to-side).
  • Stellar Republic (Galactic Republic)
    • A great empire stretching across the Milky Way Galaxy established by the Protoculture, the first sentient life in the universe. The Stellar Republic was born roughly 500,000 years ago but several conflicts of immense destruction eventually destroyed the Republic. Many years after, the Protoculture itself eventually suffered near total annihilation.
  • STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing)
    • Acronym that describes the capability of certain aerospace craft to launch with very short runway requirements.
  • Stonewell Bellcom
    • An aerospace manufacturing company specializing in variable aerospace craft and responsible for building the original VF-1A Valkyrie variable fighter. Originally two seperate companies, Stonewell and Bellcom subcontracted along side Shinnakasu Heavy Industry and Centinental to build the VF-1 Valkyrie and by 2011 Bellcom had merged into an aircraft development division of Stonewell. That same year, Stonewell Bellcom and Shinnakasu Heavy Industry collaborated in a joint project for a general-purpose lightweight air superiority variable fighter that would eventually be called the VF-5000 Star Mirage. By 2012, Stonewell Bellcom and Shinnakasu aerospace development divisions merged to form the new company Shinsei Industry and would go on to develop the VF-5000 as their first development project and mass-produced variable fighter. Using real world inspiration, the name Stonewell was a variation on Rockwell International while Bellcom grew from Bell Aircraft Corporation (or Bell Helicopter Textron), a well known helicopter design and manufacturing company.
  • Storm-Attack Mode (aka Attack Mode)
    • The humanoid configuration of a Macross Class vessel. This ship configuration is sometimes described as just "Attack mode" and is sometimes literally translated as strong attack form or storming attack form (強 攻 型). The term "Storm-Attack" mode is found written many times in published Macross art books such as Macross Perfect Memory (1983, pg 140), This Is Animation Special: Macross 7 (1995, pg 47), This Is Animation: Macross 7 Animation Materials (1995, pg 155) and found within the mechanical profiles of the Macross Quarter and the Macross Galaxy pages of the Macross Chronicle (2008, 2014) (Macross Chronicle 2E Frontier Mechanic Sheet ETC 02A "Macross Galaxy" and Macross Chronicle 2E Frontier Mechanic Sheet SMS 01A "Macross Quarter")
  • Super-Conductive Motor
    • A type of motor vehicle engine that excelled at fuel economy performance, maneuverability and acceleration. Super-conductive motors were very common by the 2040s.
  • Super Dimension Energy
    • The energy derived and utilized from a sub-universe parallel to our own. Super dimension energy is utilized in various OverTechnologies including fold systems, super dimension energy cannons and reaction engines.
  • Super-Dimension-Energy Cannon
    • A high-energy beam cannon most commonly built for gunboat class space vessels as an anti-ship weapon. The super-dimension-energy cannon collimates super dimension energy during a brief charging period and then fires a broad energy beam toward the target. These weapons are often large and they are incredibly destructive, delivering damage via both high-energy kinetic force and intense heat. There are few defenses against a super-dimension-energy beam, pin-point/full barriers being one such partially effective counter measure (exception: the Protodeviln Glavil). The maximum yield and range of the super-dimension-energy cannon is currently unknown. The first combat use of the SDF-1 Macross super-dimension-energy cannon fired two beams at an effective range of roughly one light-second (reference: 280,000 kilometers; SDF Macross, Episode 1). First combat firing of the Battle 7 super beam weapon, fired at only 80% of full power, destroyed as many as a half dozen warships in close formation (reference: destroyed one-third of Gigile Fleet of 18 Varauta warships; Macross 7, Episode 16). This weapon is designated a Heavy Converging Energy Beam Cannon in Zentradi and Meltrandi warships. The Macross Chronicle lists super-dimension-energy cannons, heavy quantum reaction guns and other such weapons as all the same type of weapon. The various weapons listed include the Vajra biological beam weapons, the main gun of the Nupetiet Vergnitzs-class Fleet Command Battleship (heavy converging beam cannon), the main gun of the SDF-1 Macross (super dimension energy cannon/heavy converging beam cannon), the main gun of the Battle-class variable stealth carrier (super beam weapon/macross cannon) and the main gun of the Macross Quarter-class (heavy quantum reaction cannon). It is stated separately that the Grand Cannon is the largest class of heavy quantum reaction gun. Since each gun is listed by the original weapon name and each individual spaceship profile in the Macross Chronicle includes the original weapon name, the original weapon descriptions remain distinctly valid (Macross Chronicle 2E Technology Sheet 13A: Dimension Weapons).
  • Super Dimension Space
    • A type of super-dimension or sub-universe that is only vaguely defined but is integral to many OverTechnologies originally discovered by the Protoculture. In particular, space fold navigation relies upon manipulation of super dimension space (fold space). This super-dimension/sub-universe is also used for super dimension energy cannons and makes it possible for extremely efficient reactors using super dimension spatial theory. Under ideal conditions, traveling through fold space (super dimension space) has almost no difference between subjective and objective time. Also, a living organism's ethereal body (or "spirit") is separate from the physical body while travelling within fold space (Macross Chronicle 2E Technology Sheet 08A: Space Folds). In various published Macross sources, super dimension space has been defined as fold space, higher dimension (dimensional) space, subspace, hyperspace and sub-universe (see also Fold Space). All editions of the Macross Chronicle most frequently use the term fold space while the original term super dimension space is typically relegated to the older trivia.
  • Super Fold Booster
    • An innovation of the original small-scale fold device that permits a small space vehicle (such as a variable fighter) to achieve interstellar travel by displacing the craft through super dimension space. Developed by L.A.I. in 2059, the super fold booster could navigate through hazards like Fold Faults and allowed travel through fold space such that there was no lag between experienced time and proper time. It was stated the galaxy would effectively become one-tenth the size (in the context of space travel) when super fold boosters became the norm (Macross Chronicle 2E Technology Sheet 08A Overtechnology: Space Fold).
  • Super Parts/Super Packs
    • Super Parts are additional hardware added to a variable fighter that provides more thrust and additional firepower. Super Parts are similar in function to FAST Packs.
  • Supersonic Cruise (Supercruise)
    • The capability of an aircraft to maintain flight beyond the speed of sound without using afterburners (or overboost, in the case of variable fighters). All variable fighters are capable of sustained supercruise of Mach 1.75 at 10,000 meters or faster.
  • Supervision Army
    • The name given to Protoculture and Zentradi people mentally controlled to fight for the Protodeviln, a race of spiritual energy life forms from a sub-universe outside the known universe. Eventually the Supervision Army and the Protodeviln are defeated, but remnants of the Supervision Army still exist even to the present.
  • Surya Aerospace
    • A joint venture formed from four companies; Shinsei Industries at the center joined with L.A.I. (Legodt & Angeloni Industries), Hiotori Aerospace Industries Ltd. (possibly also translated as Feifeng Aerospace) and Bharat. Surya Aerospace designed and manufactures the VF-31 Kairos variable fighter.

  • Tactical Sound Unit Walküre
    • Tactical Sound Unit Walküre (Senjutsu Ongaku Yunitto Warukyūre) is an singing idol group that performs alongside Delta Squadron during battle for the purpose of Var Syndrome suppression. Also known as Superdimension Venus Walküre (Chōjikū Vīnasu Warukyūre), their music emits high fold signals called fold receptors that neutralize the effects of Var Syndrome. Walküre idols make use of the "Cygnus" multi-drones mounted within the VF-31 Seigfried variable fighters operated by Delta Squadron. These small boomerang-like drones amplify the fold transmitters of the Walküre idols to increase coverage of the nullification effect against the Var Syndrome. "Walküre" is the German form of the word "Valkyrie".
  • Thermonuclear Reaction Engine
    • (see "Reaction" entry above) A type of OverTechnology similar to nuclear fusion. However, unlike nuclear fusion the Reaction Engine is an excellent power source of extreme efficiency since it is not necessary for the fuel to be nuclear material and the reaction is easily maintained in a plasma state through the use of super dimension spatial theory.
  • Three-Dimensional Space
    • The name that describes space (or real space) as a way to be differentiated from fold space (or super dimension space). Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction. The concept of space is considered to be of fundamental importance to an understanding of the physical universe.
  • Thrust-to-Weight Ratio
    • The thrust-to-weight ratio is a dimensionless figure of merit for aircraft that describes the ratio of thrust produced relative to the weight in a single numerical parameter. Basically, the greater the thrust-to-weight ratio, the greater the acceleration of the aircraft. Aircraft with higher thrust-to-weight ratios produce more thrust for a given weight than those aircraft with lower ratios and thus such superior aircraft can accelerate faster. Based on thrust alone (no wings) a craft's thrust-to-weight ratio must be more than one to takeoff from the surface of Earth. The thrust-to-weight ratio is useful as a benchmark for quantitative comparison between vehicle designs. The thrust-to-weight ratio is understood as such when used, so it is expressed only as a figure/number without the colon or "1" (thus 5:1 is expressed as a T-W ratio of 5, representing newtons of thrust per newton of weight). All other factors being equal, the thrust-to-weight ratio is numerically equal to the g-force that a vehicle can generate. However, some earlier variable fighters could sustain more g-force than the maximum acceleration the engines could provide; the VF-22S Sturmvogel II could sustain 60g but could only produce a thrust-to-weight ratio of 13.96. Comparatively, the most advanced variable fighters have thrust-to-weight ratios that go beyond the structural limitations of the craft itself; the VF-25 Messiah has a thrust-to-weight ratio of 39.09 but a maximum airframe design load of only 27.5g. The following is a list of the thrust-to-weight ratios for the various valkyries:

      NOTE: After the VF-1 Valkyrie, none of the Thrust-to-Weight ratios detailed below account for additional thrust via "overboost". However, official line art for the VF-17 Nightmare confirms overboost is still a feature in variable fighters beyond the VF-1 Valkyrie. The official trivia for the VF-31 Siegfried also confirms Over-Boost is a feature, though it does not confirm whether or not thrust ratings for the VF-31 account for the capability. Hence, the figures below (with the exception of the VF-1 Valkyrie) do not reflect the thrust doubling effect of overboost and must be considered low-end estimates only.

      VB-6 König Monster (empty) = 1.24
      VB-6 König Monster (empty, with plasma rockets) = 2.28
      VF-0A Phoenix (empty) = 1.87
      VF-0A Phoenix "Angel" (empty) = 2.81
      VF-0D Phoenix (empty) = 1.80
      SV-51 (empty) = 2.34
      VF-1A Valkyrie (empty) = 3.47
      VF-1A Valkyrie (Standard T-O Mass) = 2.49
      VF-1A Valkyrie (Max T-O Mass) = 1.24
      VF-1A Super Valkyrie (Standard T-O Mass) = 6.36
      VF-1A Super Valkyrie (Max T-O Mass) = 3.97
      VT-1C Commercial Valkyrie (empty) = 2.91
      VF-1X Valkyrie Plus (empty) = 4.33
      VF-1X Valkyrie Plus (Standard T-O Mass) = 3.14
      VF-1X Super Valkyrie Plus (Standard T-O Mass) = 6.58
      VF-1A Valkyrie Atmosphere Escape Booster = 6.45
      VF-4 Lightning III (empty) = 2.01 (thermonuclear turbine engine thrust ONLY)
      VF-4G Lightning III (empty) = 2.37 (thermonuclear turbine engine thrust ONLY)
      VA-3 Invader (empty) = 3.43
      VA-3C Invader Custom (empty) = 3.31
      VA-3M Invader (empty) = 3.31
      VF-3000 Crusader (empty) = 3.77
      VF-5000B Star Mirage (empty) = 3.01
      VF-9 Cutlass (empty) = 5.23
      VF-11B/C Thunderbolt (empty) = 6.33
      VF-14 Vampire (empty) = 8.33
      YF-19 (empty) = 15.43 (atmosphere limitation = 9.26)
      YF-21 (empty) = 13.65 (atmosphere limitation = 8.19)
      VF-17D Nightmare (empty) = 9.28
      VF-17S Nightmare (empty) = 10.04
      VF-19A Excalibur (empty) = 12.91
      VF-19F Excalibur (empty) = 16.96
      VF-19S Excalibur (empty) = 18.32
      VF-22 Sturmvogel II (empty) = 13.61 (atmosphere limitation = 8.17)
      VF-22S Sturmvogel II (empty) = 13.96 (atmosphere limitation = 8.38)
      VF-11MAXL Thunderbolt Custom (empty) = 10.51
      VF-17T Nightmare Custom (empty) = 9.75
      VF-19 Excalibur Custom (empty) = 19.64
      VF-19P Excalibur (empty) = 13.45
      VF-171 Nightmare Plus (empty) = 7.48
      VF-171EX Nightmare Plus (empty) = 10.42
      VF-25F Messiah (empty) = 39.09
      VF-27 Lucifer (empty) = 46.48
      YF-25 Prophecy (empty) = 39.67
      YF-29 Durandal (empty) = (empty) range from 49.85 to 69.70
      YF-30 Chronos (empty) = 53.07
      Sv-262Ba Draken III (empty) = 40.75
      Sv-262Hs Draken III (empty) = 40.63
      VF-31A Kairos (empty) = 40.65
      VF-31C Siegfried (empty) = 44.80
      VF-31F Siegfried (empty) = 44.81
      VF-31J Siegfried (empty) = 44.84
      VF-31S Siegfried (empty) = 44.75
      VF-2SS Valkyrie II (fully loaded) = 2.68
  • Thrust Vectoring
    • The capablility of an aerospace craft to angle the thrust of the engines in directions other than parallel to the longitudinal axis of the craft. Thrust vectoring can help an aerospace craft achieve STOL or VTOL (short/vertical take-off and landing) and also allow the Valkyries to perform maneuvers with less dependence upon control surfaces. All variable fighters possess thrust vectoring engines; most utilize single-axis thrust vectoring by default (in variable fighters where the main engine is also the foot unit) while others employ three-dimensional thrust vectoring.
  • Transformation
    • The mechanical process made possible via OverTechnology wherein a vehicle alters configuration from one mode to another. Transformation refers to the process, but the term "variable" (commonly Variable Fighter) is the most consistent designation used to officially describe vehicles with transformation capabilities. Transformation can be designed for a small variable fighter or even a large space ship. OverTechnology makes it possible to build cheap, low-maintenance transformable vehicles that gain advantages by changing to the most ideal configuration for a given situation. Transformation technology is also known for speed and field reliability even in harsh conditions or when a variable fighter has suffered damage. For variable fighters, transformation control is almost always initiated by turning the lateral angle of the throttle control, typically 90 degrees to the right with a quick twist of the wrist. Space War I ace pilot and Protodevlin War hero Maximillian Jenius was notable for his singularly brilliant piloting skills, constantly changing his variable fighter configuration in the midst of battle to maximize the combat capabilities of each mode as circumstances changed. Transformations are often so fast that changing modes can allow a skilled pilot to alter the target profile of his variable vehicle almost instantaneously to avoid incoming enemy fire (reference: Ozuma Lee, Macross Frontier, Episode 2). While most valkyries transformed via specialized mechanisms, the VF-25 Messiah was the first valkyrie to use Linear Actuators, a technology which prevented contact between the various moving parts of the valkyrie by shifting them with electromagnetic force. For larger craft such as large military space ships, the speed advantages of transformation are lost and in some situations the lengthy transformation time for large vessels can be as much a disadvantage in battle as an advantage.

  • U.N.G. (United Nations Government)
    • The United Nations Government was a world government first proposed in December 1999 following the crash landing of the Alien Star Ship One as a response to possible alien invasion. Shortly thereafter the U.N. Wars plague the UNG until 2007. After the conclusion of Space War I in February 2010, the old UNG was annihilated along with most of Earth and a New United Nations Government was created in April 2010. Since that time, the UNG has governed the human race and all the colonies in the UNG sphere of influence.
  • U.N. Forces (United Nations Forces)
    • The title for the collective branches of the United Nations armed forces, including the UNAF (U.N. Air Force), UNN (U.N. Navy), UNS (U.N. Spacy), UNSAF (U.N. Spacy Air Force) and the UNSM (U.N. Spacy Marines).
  • U.N. Spacy (United Nations Space military)
    • The space-based arm of the United Nations Forces. As probably the largest branch of the UN Forces, the UN Spacy is responsible for conducting all military space operations and commanding all the numerous colonization fleets. The term "Spacy" (Uchu Gun) literally translates as "space military" or "space army". The term was coined by the show creators as a portmanteau of "space" and the suffix "-y" to be analogous to the words for army (Riku Gun, meaning "land military" or "land army") and navy (Kai Gun, meaning "maritime military" or "maritime army"). The word has since found use in science fiction media beyond the Macross franchise.
  • U.N. Wars
    • A series of conflicts fought between countries that supported the formation of a United Nations world government and countries that opposed a single unified government. In July 2000, a dispute in the People's Republic of Garalia in the Middle East lead to an outbreak of armed conflict. From that point forward, frequent disputes and internal conflicts occurring in all areas of the world became collectively known as the U.N. Wars. The U.N. Wars continued for nearly seven years until concluding on January 20, 2007. However, even after the end of the U.N. Wars, Anti-U.N. forces continued certain smaller operations in various parts of the world, including the events around the Island of Mayan in 2008. The Macross Chronicle states "After the Bird Human Incident, the nations who joined the Anti-U.N. Alliance announce their withdrawal (September 2008)." The official end of the Unification Wars were thought to be January 2007, but because of the fallout from the Birdman Incident, the end date of the conflicts effectively became December 2008 (Macross Chronicle 2E ZERO History Sheet 02A).
  • Uroboros
    • A planet discovered in 2030 and subsequently became a colony world. It was colonized by a fleet that included the SDFN-8 (General) Britai Kridanik. The capital city was named Britai City. Debut: Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe (Voices Across The Galaxy; PlayStation 3 Video Game, Released 2013). The name is sometimes found spelled as "Ouroboros".

  • V-Type Virus
    • Name for a virus that is part of the physiology of the Vajra species. The V-Type virus consists of mostly harmless micro-organisms that possess some chemical components of fold quartz. Living organisms infected with the V-Type virus have the potential to transmit and receive fold waves through super dimension space. While harmless to the Vajra, this fold bacteria can result in the deaths of other intelligent organisms should infection spread to the brain. However, Ranka Lee was conceived in utero with the V-Type virus and maintained the micro-organisms safely within her abdomen her whole life. Using the fold bacteria to produce fold waves when she sang, Ranka Lee was able to communicate with the Vajra.
  • Var Syndrome
    • A viral infection appearing in the 2060s which was initially contracted by first being exposed to amounts of seidznole via ingestion and then having this latent exposure subjected to bio-fold waves generated by the Windermerean Wind Singer. Eventually it is revealed Var Syndrome is the result of fold bacteria from the alien species known as the Vajra being spread to humanoid species through contact during the Vajra War of 2059. The Var Syndrome initially induced a debilitating rage in any latent victim, causing them to lash out in terrible transgressive acts of violence. When Windermere waged their second war for independence across the Brisingr Globular Cluster in 2067, the Wind Singer Heinz utilized Protoculture ruins on Windermere to amplify the range of the Wind Song and alter the effect of the Var Syndrome into a mind-controlling pacification effect rather than just triggering violent rages. Eventually, the power of the Wind Singer grew to the point where the Var Syndrome could be induced without the need for any latent compounds in those affected by the Var. Tactical Sound Unit Walküre (operated by conglomerate Chaos) were able to counter the Var Syndrome using bio-fold waves generated while singing their music, but their range was far more limited, which required the unit to deploy to various planets within the Brisinger Cluster where outbreaks of the Var Syndrome occurred.
  • Vajra
    • The name for an extraterrestrial life-form that attacked the Macross Frontier fleet in March of 2059. The New United Nations Government became aware of the Vajra 19 years prior to 2059 (circa 2040) but kept the fact of their existence a secret. Eleven years prior to 2059 (circa 2048) the Vajra attacked the 117th Research Fleet, an event that caused the deaths of nearly 1,000 people.

      The Vajra are known as "network creatures", living essentially as one "neurologically" connected organism made up of many millions of "physically" separate individuals. This biological interconnectivity is achieved by the use of Fold Waves and "Zero Time Fold Waves" (unaffected by Fold Faults), allowing all vajra to remain in continuous and instantaneous communication even over vast interstellar distances. The vajra are biological beings but have incorporated non-organic compounds like fold quartz and fold carbon into their physical bodies to channel super dimension energy as a power source. This allows the vajra to achieve many advanced capabilities such as very powerful energy conversion armor, short range space fold capability and the Heavy Soldier Vajra can mount a powerful anti-ship bio-beam weapon. Individual Vajra exist with very little brain matter but their interconnected nature allows for advanced intelligence. Because the vajra communicate through fold waves, they have no language. While this fold network impedes communication with other species, the vajra maintain constant contact with each other and adapt quickly in combat situations. The networked nature of the Vajra and their adaptation allows them to evolve improved defenses once exposed to attack. Although the vajra have no hierarchy or chain of command, there are specialized breeds of vajra called Queens and Semi-Queens which function as the center of the fold wave communication network. They rally vajra together into space battle groups and facilitate direction for the species as they travel through space. Individual vajra can only achieve short range space folds and as such they create larger breeds of vajra as space vessels for long range space travel. Vajra Semi-Queens exist inside a Mobile Fortress Vajra (designated "Bishop Class") which leads a vajra space battle group to a suitable world upon which the vajra will nest and the Semi-Queen will grow into an enormous Vajra Full Queen.

      The Vajra as a race have appeared in 13 different forms during the events of the Anti-Vajra War: Larvae, Flyers, Walker, Mobile Soldier Vajra, Heavy Soldier Vajra, Super Heavy Soldier Vajra, Heavy Mobile Soldier Vajra (Hound Vajra), Semi-Queen and Queen (including large-scale ship-sized vajra like the Bishop Class Mobile Fortress Vajra, Knight Class Carrier Vajra, Heavy Battleship Vajra, and Destroyer Vajra). While some forms of Vajra eventually grow into others (such as Larvae into Flyers) it is unknown whether or not all Vajra Larvae have the potential to grow into Heavy Soldier Vajra or Vajra Semi-Queens.

      The Protoculture knew of the Vajra and feared, adored and deified their power to the extent of imitating the Vajra by inventing space fold drives, super dimension weaponry and even modeling some mechanical constructs after the form of the Vajra Queen (see AFOS). The Vajra lack the ability to communicate with other intelligent organisms directly and have attempted to solve this problem by infecting other organisms with the V-Type infection. Unfortunately, the V-Type infection is fatal to most organisms if it reaches the brain, but one such attempt succeeded when Ranka Lee was infected by the V-Type virus in utero, allowing Ranka to communicate with the Vajra via singing while the V-Type virus remained harmlessly localized in her abdomen. The Vajra do not act aggressive unless strongly provoked and demonstrate a genuine benevolent interest in other intelligent life.
  • Vajra Queen
    • The central network organism of the Vajra species. Although not a leader in any conventional sense, the Vajra Queen nonetheless acts as a hub, the center of the vajra fold communication network. The Vajra Queen's intelligence was of sufficient level to introduce the V-Type infection into biological organisms in an attempt to overcome her own inability to communicate with other intelligent species. The Vajra Queen also conducted warfare upon the New UN Spacy and was shown capable of understanding combat both tactically and strategically.
  • Vajra Space Battle Group
    • A gathering of many different breeds of Vajra into a cohesive group for travel and battle through outer-space. The size and strength of a Vajra Space Battle Group may vary significantly from one to the next, but a typical group consists of the following:

      Vajra Queen - a single unit that is the network center of the space battle group
      Vajra Semi-Queen - a single unit operating a Bishop Class Mobile Fortress Vajra
      Mobile Soldier Vajra - most numerous type of combat Vajra
      Heavy Soldier Vajra - tens of thousands in a space battle group
      Super Heavy Soldier Vajra - several hundred exist in a space battle group
      Heavy Mobile Soldier Vajra (Hound Vajra) - several hundred per space battle group
      Bishop Class Mobile Fortress Vajra - one per space battle group
      Knight Class Carrier Vajra - unknown number per space battle group
      Heavy Battleship Vajra - ten to twenty in a space combat group
      Destroyer Vajra - several hundred per space combat group
  • Vajra War
    • (see "Anti-Vajra War")
  • Valkyrie
    • The name for the first VF-1 variable fighter and adopted as a generic term to subsequently describe all the following variable fighters.
  • Varauta (Army)
    • Humans and Zentradi that explored the fourth planet of the Varauta system in 2043 and were subsequently mentally controlled by a race called the Protodeviln (initially imprisoned upon that world). The Varauta Army is much like the Supervision Army that fought against the Stellar Republic in millennia past, brainwashed Zentradi and Protoculture people controlled by the Protodeviln.
  • Varauta 3198EX (Solar System)
    • Name given to a solar system with an inhabitable planet discovered near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Approached in 2025 by the Megaroad-13 colonization fleet, the habitable third planet in the system is named Varauta and immigration begins. In 2043 the Varauta (UNG) research fleet surveys the fourth planet - known as an "ice planet" - within the Varauta system and scientists discover a mysterious energy field beneath the ice surface protecting an undisturbed legacy of the Protoculture. Experiments begin to deactivate the field, eventually dropping the field strength and awakening the Protodeviln heretofore unknown to be imprisoned inside. The Protodeviln seize control of the Humans and Zentradi (including Ivane Gyuntar who later becomes Gepernich) and begin building their own civilization and military. In 2045, the Macross 7 ventures near the Planet Varauta. Despite the warnings of Exedol Folmo not to approach the planet, Captain Maximilian Jenius does not heed these warnings and the fleet encounters a mysterious enemy, later known as the Varauta Army (Macross Chronicle 2E Episode Sheet No.44, Glossary Sheet 18, History Sheet 9, 10).
  • Variable (Variable Vehicle)
    • A term to describe a vehicle capable of converting from one configuration to another. This term is most commonly written as "Variable Fighter" to describe a jet fighter aircraft that can transform itself into a humanoid robot configuration. "Variable Vehicle" is the catchall term to describe vehicles with variable capabilities and has been adapted for many other more specialized indentifications including Variable Armor, Variable Attacker, Variable Attack Craft, Variable Bomber, Variable Device, Variable Electronics Warfare Craft, Variable Fighter-Developmental, Variable Glaug, Variable Patroid, and Variable Trainer.
  • Variable Geometry Wing
    • Describes those aerospace craft with the capability to alter the sweep of the main wings into the optimal configuration for the speed at which the craft is flying. Swept wing configurations are good for high speed flight while unswept wings are better for flying at low speeds. While relaxed stability provides a better, more efficient way of achieving the same advantages of variable-sweep wing systems, variable geometry wings are integral to the transformation systems of almost all variable fighters and provide advantages in space flight using vernier thrusters mounted within the main wings.
  • Veil
    • A United Nations colony world. It is the home planet of Emilia Jenius and was the site of a brief battle between Nekki Basara of the paramilitary unit Sound Force and the Protodeviln in 2045.
  • Vernier Thruster
    • Small but powerful thrusters used to maneuver a vehicle in space. These verniers also act as a counter force to help decelerate a vehicle in space.
  • Virturoid
    • A portmanteau of the words "Virtual" and "Android" used to describe a non-humanoid robot built as a complex artificial intelligence. Computer-generated virtual reality singer Sharon Apple was initially constructed as a virturoid for the purpose of creating popular music.
  • Voldor
    • A planet in the Brisingr Global Cluster and home to a race known as the Voldorians. Voldorians were originally modified felines. Approximately 62% of Voldor's landmass is covered in marshes. The planet's major exports are lumber, fruit and spring water. It was historically considered to have zero strategic value. The planet is home to the Paraganal Runes, an old Protoculture site (considered a holy place by Volodrians).
  • VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing)
    • Acronym that describes the capability of certain aerospace craft to launch vertically.

  • Wrap-Around Imaging Monitor System
    • An advanced cockpit video monitor system first introduced in Shinsei Industries YF-19 variable fighter in 2040. The wrap-around imaging monitor mounts thin video panels on opaque sections of the cockpit interior displaying the environment outside the craft with perfect image quality. In conjunction with the cockpit canopy, the wrap-around monitors grant the pilot a nearly 360 degree field of vision. In Battroid mode, a polygon frame with many monitors surrounds the cockpit to provide a full video view of the exterior environment. After successful trials in the YF-19, the wrap-around imaging monitor system was included in most next generation fighters including the VF-17 Nightmare, the VF-19 Excalibur and the VF-171 Nightmare Plus. The VF-25 Messiah cockpit appears to bypass the wrap-around monitor system in Fighter and GERWALK modes (instead relying upon holographic targeting) but utilizes a slightly improved wrap-around monitor for the Battroid mode.
  • Windermere IV
    • A planet in the Brisingr Globular Cluster and home to a race known as the Windermereans. The planet is characterized by cold weather and is covered by snow most of the year. Windermere terrain is mostly mountainous with many rock and snow formations shaped like a cornice. The global government is similar to a medieval European monarchy of Earth and maintains the seat of government at Castle Darwent. The architecture of Windermere bears resemblance to Swiss, German and Scandinavia styles. After the first Windermere War of Independence against the New United Nations, a cease-fire was established in 2060 which was followed by an economic blockade of the Unified Government, which restricts citizens from intergalactic travel and insulates them from foreign cultures. At the end of the war, a dimension weapon (which had been prohibited from use) was dropped upon the Carlisle district of the planet, causing extensive civilian casualties and losses to the New United Nations (NUN) Armed Forces stationed there. Following this tragedy, the NUN Armed Forces withdrew from Windermere and the war came to a defacto cease-fire. In 2067, Windermere IV was the starting point for a large-scale military campaign to conquer the Brisingr Global Cluster and eventually, the entire New United Nations Government all across the galaxy. The planet Windermere is 800 light years distance from the planet Ragna, both within the Brisinger Globular Cluster.
  • Windermerean
    • A human-like species but with a stronger body and greater biological abilities that even surpass the Zentradi. However, these increased capacities come at the price of early growth in a short-lifespan, averaging about 30-35 years. Windermereans age little until their later years when their skin cracks, gradually decaying like a withering plant which sometimes peels off in a manner similar to mica. Windermerean physiology includes a special sensory organ that develops upon the scalp called a "Rune". Runes are seen in pairs of star-shaped and straight-shaped organs on males while females typically have a singular heart-shaped or water-drop-shaped rune. The rune emits light in synchronization with brain waves roughly in accordance with strong emotions and can achieve some movement or even grow when excited. It is considered impolite to stare upon or touch the rune of a windermerean and most adults avoid allowing their rune to shine unnecessarily.
  • Windermere War of Independence
    • A military conflict waged in the Brisingr Globular Cluster between the Kingdom of Wind and the New United Nations Government. The war began sometime in 2060 and lasted for roughly 8 months. Late in the war a dimension weapon (which had been prohibited from use) was dropped upon the Carlisle district of the planet Windermere, causing extensive damage to civilians and the New United Nations (NUN) Armed Forces stationed there. This tragedy resulted in the NUN Armed Forces withdrawing from Windermere and the War of Independence came to a defacto cease-fire in 2060.
  • Windermere War of Independence (Second War)
    • The Second Windermere War of Independence was a military conflict waged between the Kingdom of Wind and the New United Nations Government that began in 2067. Gramia Nehrich Windermere lead the Kingdom of Wind in an ambitious plan to conquer all of the Brisinger Globular Cluster, starting with a battle initiated by the Kingdom of Wind on the planet of Al-Shahal. Although initially limited to the Brisingr Globular Cluster, the effect of the Var Syndrome powered by ancient facilities built by the Protoculture threatened planets throughout the galaxy.
  • Winglet
    • The modern definition of a winglet refers to a near-vertical extension on the tip of a wing, typically upon the main wing on an aircraft. The proper performance of a winglet depends upon the size, shape, vertical angle (or cant) and inward/outward angle (or toe) of the winglet and is unique to each type of aircraft. Winglets affect the wingtip vortex and convert some of the wasted energy from a vortex into a favorable thrust compared to wings without winglets. This small performance contribution may be worthwhile over the lifetime of an aircraft if the benefits outweight the costs of building and maintaining the winglets.
  • Workroid
    • A portmanteau of the words "Work" and "Android" used to describe a semi-humanoid robot used by civilian operators as a construction Destroid. Workroids are most frequently seen deployed as forklifts in the many shipyards found across the galaxy.

  • Zentradi
    • A race of giant humanoid beings (on average five times the size of a human) genetically created by the Protoculture as weapons of warfare. The Zentradi fought a war against the Supervision Army of the Protodevlin, a war so devastating it resulted in both the defeat of the Supervision Army and the destruction of the entire Galactic Republic of the Protoculture. After the war, the Zentradi continued a search and destroy mission throughout the galaxy for Supervision Army survivors and during this mission encountered humans in 2009. Prior to human contact, the average Zentradi possessed intelligence equivalent to that of human primary school children. After exposure to human society and knowledge, the Zentradi have shown a much greater potential intelligence. The average Zentradi/Meltrandi appears to be 8-10 meters tall, with males somewhat taller than females. Britai was a commander type Zentradi who was much taller than the average Zentradi (13.54 meters tall) as well as possessing greater strength and endurance than other Zentradi (Britai was also able to survive for short periods in a vacuum).
      A note about Zentradi/Meltrandi: The term "Zentradi" is still utilized in the greater Macross continuity to refer to both Zentrans (male) and Meltrans (female) as the same species. However, the terms Meltrandi/Meltran are also still used to differentiate the female Zentradi and the word "Meltrandi" is still used to describe a female Zentradi as both female and as a different species than human (despite the near 100% genetic similarity with humans).
  • Zola
    • Zola is a planet on the far edges of the UNG sphere of influence. Very little is known about Zola, but the planet is part of the UNG and inhabited by a human-like race called Zolans. It is stated in dialog (narrator of a Zolan play) that all animals on Zola have pouches, indicating they are all types of marsupials.
  • Zolan
    • Zolans are a human-like race native to the Planet Zola. They appear nearly identical to humans except for their large, pointed, laterally angled ears and some males feature prominent hair covered forearms. Zolans other distinctive feature is two-tone hair color; their bangs and the rest of their hair are different colors. NOTE: Originally, it appears Zolans and Humans could not procreate, but that status has since changed in the later Macross continuity. In the Macross Dynamite 7 animated series (Episode 4, Time Index 9:57 start, 10:55 specific line) there is a Zolan localization of the play Romeo and Juliet that can be heard in the background. The character of "Zoliet" says she cannot have a baby with "Zomeo" because the human Zomeo lacks a pouch and is therefore not a marsupial. In the album Radio Fire!! ZZNKQB National Broadcast (Zola) an additional line of dialog during the radio play track "Zomeo and Zoliet" can be heard by a narrator who states Zolans and Humans are not capable of breeding. However, in Macross Frontier: 2059 Memories (published October 24, 2008) it is stated Michael Blanc is partially-Zentradi and partially-Zolan, which confirms conception across species. Macross Chronicle 2E Worldguide 13A "Various Planets" states that in light of the Zolan body functions and intelligence being comparable to a Human, it seems possible that they could mate with Humans. The novels of Macross Frontier (four volumes "Close Encounter", "Break Down", "Anata no oto" ("Your Sound") and "Triangler", published July 2008 to March 2009, Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co. Ltd.) also states Michael Blanc is partially Zolan. It should also be noted that the design aesthetic of the Zolan ears as a species trait is inconsistent from Macross Frontier and onward. Prior to Macross Frontier, the established aesthetic depicted Zentradi ears as pointed on top yet proportioned much like human ears, whereas Zolans ears were pointed but also much larger and protruded laterally from the head. Michael Blanc has a mixture of the ear design presumably because of his mixed Zentradi/Zolan heritage. Anri Mahlberg appears in Macross The Ride as a pure Zolan and has the distinctive ears. From Macross Frontier onward, male Zentradi appear to retain pointed ears, but several female Zentradi like Klan Klang and part-Zentradi like Mirage Jenius have subdued forms of Zolan-style ears while other partially-Zentradi women like Ranka Lee have rounded human-like ears.

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